I’ve heard a lot of fans say that James has made old mistakes again. The key is when

I won the championship, but now if we look back to you two and see if James’s treatment of that ball at that time was reasonable, and if we should choose to deal with the ball in that way when deciding the final attack of the championship, I don’t think there is any problem at this time, because James was basically on the offensive end in the fourth quarter of this game.

At the last moment, the heat knew James would get the ball and he would be the main attack. When James broke into the penalty area, there were nearly four players defending him. So if he forced his hand at this time, I think his percentage of hits is high.

This will not be very high. In addition, James, I have heard many fans say that James has made old mistakes again. The key point is that he is unwilling to shoot or hand, and always passes the ball to his teammates. However, this is the characteristic of James. His focus lies in his ability to drive the team to attack and drive his teammates. He is not a good player.

The so-called killer, assassin, he is not Jordan, not Kobe, so at this moment in the face of four players, there should be two or at least two positions on the field, which is the point guard, so the ball passed to Zhang Tielin. As you just said, he has no one in Fengyun 50, and he has a long time to prepare.

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About James and Jordan, who is the first person in history

In addition to Rondo and Howard, many other players on this team say that the championship trophy is a highlight moment of their career, including the time when the Lakers entered the championship, McKee sent a, silver crown? Shoot it, the letter D Greek flag asked McKee to say this, you all have to say this.

I know monster. It’s the first letter to win the championship. The monster of Costa is very funny. And speaking of this, I remember that before the end of the game, the commentary said that Smith had undressed. It seems that the happiest person in the whole process of the celebration is like this, especially Smith.

In this, Adam Xiaohua said, no one touched the award when he fainted to win the championship and award the cup. Every year Xiaohua didn’t touch the Laker, and no player touched it. What’s the meaning of this? First, he went up to lift the cup. Ha ha ha, I’m familiar with this cup. I think I have to mention so many other role players of the Laker.

For James, who won the championship for the fourth time in his career and won the four finals MVP in three different teams, it is also very weighty, which can be said to be epoch-making. In fact, who is the first person in history between James and Jordan.

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He is definitely not a pure state. After all, he has chips in his hand

There is no need for a coach to lead the team, so he is definitely not a pure state. After all, he has chips in his hand, and his chips are not Paul, not this Westbrook, he is a solid and can exchange good assets. Therefore, I think if the team is fine tuned, it is still competitive or needs a dress. The coach who brings you just mentioned is me.

Why? I don’t like it. The last point is that rivers is actually a famous all-around coach in the league. He said that I am not only the head coach of basketball, but also served as the head coach of Celtic and Clippers before. In addition, the dual role of general manager is that no matter what I cultivate players.

The team’s tactics, as well as the selection and employment of people have an absolute right to speak. In fact, I think such a role is more suitable for him. It is also a more comfortable role for him. And more importantly, I am not optimistic about brand, the general manager. If the 76ers can really do it.

I think I can play this point a little higher, so Brandt has recruited a person who will give his old nest to him? Because I said that I have a lot of fans around me. They were very happy when coach Brown stepped down. In fact, they were zero to four times.

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I think the Knicks have been in the NBA for many years, that’s what you mean

So, last season’s Knicks can be said to play, very stable, also very in line with everyone’s expectations. Well, the final regular season is the 12th in the East. So you think the goal of the Knicks next season or how about last season’s goal should be to be able to steadily improve. I think their goal should be the 11th in the East.

Seriously, I think it’s too extravagant for the Knicks to talk about ranking. Their goal for next season is to end the chaos and establish the system and core of the team. This is a great thing for them. I agree with that.

Also because I have written a very detailed target for the Knicks in every team here, I really thought for a long time, and finally I asked a question mark. I don’t know what his goal is. I think the Knicks Knights have been one for many years in the NBA. What you said is that it may be a bit harsh to muddle along, but I think he is a process of looking for himself in the league The one in this position.

Although Knicks, the philosophy Museum in dragon lantern, may not be able to enter the playoffs next season, ah, he can find the idea of a fleet, find such a style of a fleet, and even simply say that finding the core of a future fleet is a success. So, how do you think sibodu signed this contract.

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In the next 15 years, the League won’t have a playoff game

In the next 15 years, the league has not played a playoff game in a year. To be honest, this year’s cell is the closest time to him. Before that, the team had been in the No.1 player for more than 10 years or the top 4500 draft right, which could not be in 18 years.

At this time, I told the reporter that this year will be the last time I don’t play the playoffs. What happened is that he hasn’t played the playoffs for two consecutive years. In fact, Booker has been rumored to want to leave the Suns, because he thinks the team’s lineup is too poor.

In fact, it’s the same with the alphabet song. For the sun’s management, this deal is also an opportunity to show loyalty and sincerity. In exchange for Chris Paul, the future team’s book, there is No.1 player on the inside, Eaton on on the outside, and Buchner. The last organization is Chris Paul.

In fact, it seems that next season, the sun is in the fierce competition in the west, and the probability of static Qiu Sai will suddenly become larger. I think that with Paul’s sun, it should be able to beat your Mavericks. Ah, ah Mo, it’s too early for you to say that. We will be out before the start of the next season.

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Basketball became Byrd’s only hobby. He was very hard-working

Hello, everyone. Today we will talk about Larry Bird. Bird lived a very hard life when he was a child. He was born in the lunar calendar. In a remote and poverty-stricken village in Yangda Prefecture, it was very difficult to get even the most basic food and clothing problems due to the family situation that they were unable to make ends meet. At that time, bird was afraid of meeting strangers, and he was very autistic.

His wife was called by other children to play basketball when he was wandering. Before that, bird had only touched basketball in school twice. He threw the first ball and scored the second one that day. It seems that as long as a ball is thrown into the basket from his hands, it will be in. His friends are shocked and boast how much they have won. From that moment, bird fell in love with this feeling after this time.

Basketball became Byrd’s only hobby. He could bear hardships very much. He practiced every day and night all day. Bird’s playing skills were getting better and better. He gradually made some fame. Just like this, he was a seed in his young heart. Deep buried down, he was thinking that I want to play as well as possible.

To irrigate this seed is to win the tenacious character and the determination of fearless difficulties. After graduating from high school, Byrd joined Indiana University with exquisite ball skills. But bird dropped out of school only within a month. Her personality was too introverted. She didn’t want to talk to people noisily. The school made him feel indifferent. There was another one in this period.

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At the end of the paragraph, he can look back

At the end of the day, he can look back at the numbers and records he has made over the past 20 years, declaring that he has a place on the list of the greatest basketball players. In 2015, Kobe surpassed Michael Jordan and made a breakthrough in the scoring list of history.

Behind the scenes in the third episode, with Jabbar and Karl Malone, more importantly, she was 18 years old, 18-time all star, won two Olympic gold medals and led the Lakers to five championships, even in Cleveland.

That night, the fledgling Kobe said that he didn’t know how to get to the top, but there was an answer that was extremely positive, that is, in any case, he would climb up at all costs, and the process would be indefatigable and endless.

Day after day, year after year, until the day when she was able to beat everyone in person, Kobe had played for a team for 20 years. Such a career made this cold, strong, intelligent and confident guy into the field of professional basketball in the United States.

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If we say that the all star has not played any role at all

The man who was defeated by the warriors in the zero point game was the most likely one to be defeated by the warrior in the conventional game.

After that game, CJ mclem, one of the Blazers’ double guns, described his backcourt partner like this. In this way, the story seems to have a sequel this year. Lillard was once again rejected in the season, and the all star Blazers had experienced two consecutive years of no one.

The dilemma of no one being selected as an all-star is actually not selected last year, which makes me even more eager to be selected as an all star this year. However, if I am not selected, I will not be angry with the whole world. We have bigger problems. If we say that the all star is not elected, it will not do anything at all.

Encouragement, then I must be lying. Compared with last year, although the last lad Lillard was slightly depressed, he did not show too much atmosphere. In the face of such a situation, Lillard still used his own.

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When their opponent is LeBron James

46.8% in his 13 year career, James has completed 11 times, sweeping since 2010, he has no hands and feet, any Eastern series, and this barrel and this dominance is still continuing, Chicago, Atlanta.

Anna and Toronto have become James’ great footnotes more than once. Even if they have a good record in the regular season, they can beat in the playoffs, and they can also beat other things in the playoffs.

But in a seven innings four win series, when their opponent was LeBron James, everything changed. After being swept for the first time in his career, Paul George reluctantly said that it was frustrating to lose to the same team or the same player all the time, with toes in the first round of the series.

But he and the Pacers always advocate the universe, and demardozan, after losing to James for two years in a row, said in despair that if our team already had a LeBron James, we could have won the same way. The Raptors lost to the Eastern Conference semi-finals after only four games.

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A fish belly team, Caspian University in that year’s NBA

One of the best teams in the University League leagues was in the NBA that year. The first opponent in the league is Duke University led by coach K. This is definitely an opportunity worth looking forward to. Finally, on that day, Caspian University will launch a fierce fight with Duke University, and the game will be like this.

Look at his opponent Mike so constantly break through the score, constantly under the siege, find the opportunity to pass the ball to his teammates, he finally hit the key three-point ball, mcclam cut, the highest in the game, 30 points, only sit, rivers, cescurie sword point champion Duke University is convinced.

Under his crazy performance, the University of Caspian ushered in their first NBA game in 74 years, and also achieved the sixth black 15 miracle in NBA history. The pursuit of victory was for me, for our team and for our whole family.

And patriot division means conflict. This game can be called 30 points, said Michael of Linhai University Sports Engineering. We want Hamilton’s team to defend our family and win in today’s game. We did it tonight, as Linhai’s two time best player winner.

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