It’s also certain to spend too much

How many of you don’t talk about Ariza, sometimes very iron, right? But after all, the Ariza family is a 3D player, so it’s more reasonable for you to focus more hope on him. As we said before, the Lakers can’t.

It’s also certain to spend too much money. As for the Suns, I think it will happen in this year to trade Ariza. It’s only applicable to what kind of price or which team to trade to. I will not stay in the suns.

Absolutely, Ariza has now played more than 20 games in the Suns, with a shooting rate of more than 36% and an average of two three points per game. Compared with the Rockets, the shooting rate must be a little lower, but ah, Ariza can score more than two points per game.

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They have won the ball in recent years and played very well

Now, around the change of the playing method, ah, the thunder is also in the winning stage. It doesn’t matter that they lost a game in front of them. Er, they have won the ball in recent years and played very well. Paul George is also very brave. According to the statistics, Paul George is a professional this season.

Well, all kinds of new records, such as scoring, the percentage of hits, rebounds, assists and so on. A lot of data can reveal that Paul George is now at the peak of his career. There is one. What’s striking is that Paul George, er, this year’s average of 25 games per game is still the highest in his career. I really don’t have the impression. Just like Paul George, he didn’t get an average of 25 games per game.

Well, it’s a very strange thing, so you can see. It’s hard for the League to get 20 plus 25 players per game. The former League also broadcast about 20 players per game live. It’s very rare. Well, the key point is this, but we put forward higher requirements for Paul George.

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A championship in the past few years of the Lakers

As for this kind of explanation, I personally think that, as we talked about curry fans earlier, curry fans may be a little dissatisfied, right? We also criticized jamesha in this program. Of course, we can’t say criticism. It’s obvious that he is the naked schemer and careerist, right?

We never have. Say, we must praise who, not black at all, not black at all, criticize that there is no comment on this kind of words. I personally think that, er, I use it according to my standards. If you are not satisfied with it or feel uncomfortable after listening to it. Fan, please forgive me, because we can’t ignore everyone’s interests.

Well, this is a content program. James is an ambitious man. He must want to win a championship in the past few years of the Lakers. It’s very important if James can win the championship in the Lakers. Won, ah, this historical position, ah, can you step forward? You are in three teams, ah, the heat, the Cavaliers and the Lakers are the same team leader. Don’t say that there are three family slaves or something like that. There’s no kidney, cherry. There’s no kidney.

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It was not easy to reach the first place in the West

The position of the West top is standing for a day. I remember that. There was a Nuggets grizzly bear express. Ah, the warriors were on the top of the West today. It was not easy to reach the first place in the West. These three teams were in the top two.

Then we did a show before in the game. I said, ah Grizzlies, this captain of the ball, we don’t know if we don’t go to this for a while to figure out why, because I am very clear in the program because I am afraid to waste time. So, it is verified that you are going to study Grizzlies. Remember, it is a waste of time.

We said in that program. Is it really the function of Conley? Is it really because of Conley? Well, I have a beard. Well, this one with beard today is er. There are many players, so many players. It can be said that it is an era. Is this, uh, led by harden? The mustache Corps led by harden. Curithompson and Owen have a big beard. Of course, harden has a beard.

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You can do it directly with smar

He really hit this way. You always see someone beating Celtic people. It is this. Celtic is such a tough blood. At a glance, the 76ers are tired of fighting. That is, er, there is no way to fight. Hard and hard, not against the right fight, powerful nowhere, like headless flies, do not know how to do, right, although the client, is also an ER Er best defense best defense for a while, right, ah salech, eliassova.

It’s also very tough, right? You see, it’s not hard enough to play with Celtic.

Well, it’s not a good grade. But if you have GB Butler, you can do it directly with smart. Jimmy Butler is not going to take you players. Ah, what enbid, Simmons, poetry, don’t put your coaches in the eyes, Ross, he doesn’t put MVP in his eyes, right, here he is grass-roots players playing bareback, he is not afraid of anything, he has nothing to say, right, from such a low society to play this.

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With these young players and draft rights

Wait a minute, or the Lakers, or the Lakers, to help this problem because there are fans who have mentioned a lot. Lakers fans, James fans, this group is very big. So let’s just say it.

Well, we know. If you make up this year, it’s not likely to be a party dance with the earthquake bureau. I think, ah, when Davis can make a deal, the rest is relatively fixed. There is no room for operation. Then, by the next year, the Lakers can take a hand. With these young players and draft rights, Jiajia cash and luxury tax at no cost.

Ah, exchange for next year. We only have all star players to discuss. Other players, we don’t have to discuss it. It’s not necessary. It’s not necessary to change the Lakers’ tired metaphor. Bill walker, I don’t talk about it. Ah, it’s not going to be in the flow. I don’t believe James can see it. So next year’s big deal is expected to be Nader, Owen, Anthony Davis can do business, one year contract can be done, and one year contract plus one year can be educated, including Thompson.

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The 25th is the first time to start

What to do, right? There are a lot of things to do. Er, I have a look at the final sprint stage. The 25th is the first time to start. Ah, then the harden fans have to hurry up and throw. If they don’t escape, they won’t be able to get in. Yesterday. Update a program, um, that is to say, my personal opinion, ah, so my personal opinion is almost the same.

In this way, according to the current ranking, election, well, if you want to follow up, I don’t think it’s very likely that there is no special event, um, because, um, the fans will not vote because. Ah, this, this, star, just a little bit short of the vote, right? Every day, it’s just a little bit, it can only steal so much. You can’t go back to school, right?

Tomorrow in the street, right? Then Durant fans will vote again, right? Paul George will vote again. Right, James fans, when they stand on the opposite side of Durant, they will vote again, right? Well, so we have to catch up, that is, unless there are some special events, what’s the threshold of Durant these days, right? Pull some neutral votes. Well, the key is the votes on both sides of the neutral votes.

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Played a high score high rebound25

Who can get it, then it is a, the veteran is also a, Bao now? It is a bit of a loss to eat his big contract of 250028million. So, I think Gasol stays in Conley and stays in the Grizzlies. Yes, the probability is very high.

Sell, don’t drop it. Unless, you can use bad contracts to replace a hole. There are other possibilities. Now, the inner line of the alliance, the technical school, Mr. Yue, was before. There are friends, and maybe I think that, Mr. Wei Le is not happy and so on. Of course, there are sugar and other things. The packing is not so bad.

Ah, there is a netizen. He said, “Oh, these fans, this is for you, and I won’t admit NB.”. I think this ability, speaking of this today, I want to praise Tang Shi. Ah, today, played a high score high rebound25, is it 156 rebounds? High score high rebounds are good. Do you hear that very well? We, ah slander, he belittles him.

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If it’s the Lakers want to have a future

It’s important to see what kind of chips the Lakers have. I personally think that if wolf Sauber doesn’t give other players any choice, you can take all of them. We said before.

If it’s the Lakers want to have a future. I don’t want to be able to compete among these all stars in the east of the west this summer. Well, as a big three or even four, try to leave what these young players can leave behind. So, too much consumption. Maybe, it will have a fatal impact on the team and the future of the squad structure. Why, oh, if you put some of the escort, you will all put the deposit on these people. It is too dangerous.

Once there are some problems in the team, Antony Davis’ contract can not be determined. How many problems are not fixed, right? You have young players, there are always changes in the case of the team. Now, it is a risky move for the Lakers to play all the cards. But it is not a successful move because we know.

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If they always know a little

What’s the expectation of a pair of seagulls? I think it’s very likely who will fall and end up. We’ve compared Paul George’s injury in this position. Some friends said that Paul George is so good.

Paul George’s recovery is so good. It’s not the same position. Is it the ankle? We said that there are a lot of ankle positions. Nervous system, infrastructure system are all here. It’s broken down, which affects your explosive power. Right? In basketball, we all know that ankle is used to accelerate take-off. All, er, more functions are focused on ankle and knee.

Right? It’s not easy to have problems with ankles, because there are more blood vessels here, and blood vessels are more developed. Even we are laymen in sports medicine, we also ask, er, relatives and friends, er, this. Friendship tips specialist, this question, well, in this case, well, anyway, are doctors by analogy? If they always know a little, they only know a lot more than we might. Of course, many of us and the audience must also have medical students, right? Let’s verify our facts, right.

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