NBA by watching the game successfully

I think it’s good, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s the back of the back, even if it’s copied, right? You just have to understand it. We’ll see the victory or defeat, right? Another person says how the warriors win. Right, you need to know how he wins. He won’t have to know because he must have won in obedience, right? He’s winning 11 games in a row. He is sure to win him. His winning rate is 80% 70% 70%. I win eight games in ten games. How can you guess you all? I’m the next one. I don’t know. I won’t guess the last one in the next one. I’ll guess after she loses, I’ll just win one in five games. It’s too simple for him to win.

To how he won, right? He now plays what kind of team can, beat, what kind of him, the ball can be dragged with him, even if you can’t win in the end, you need to know which teams can drag her to the end. This is also a way for you to learn from the NBA by watching the game successfully. Do you understand? Don’t focus on this kind of energy. These are all bullshit. It’s bullshit. If you want these players to trade or not, you can analyze your personal psychology and get it

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So the only chance Celtics can get Anthony Davies is to use a very attractive trading chip, Tatu, Mu and some first round after Owen’s contract is signed this summer. Because the Celtic team’s first round signing is very tempting, ah, he has a lot of high number of draft rights, so for the team, I think it is almost the most wanted and most willing to see this thing, but all these things should be based on one point, that is, Kerry Owen and Celtic. If the Celtic team can’t cut Owen, Owen will stay in the Celtic team, pelicans will bully Anthony Davis and trade to Celtic team. Celtic played for two years and one year. Antony Davis still has to leave. Is that because of Carey Owen.

Because of Anthony Davis, he needs to go to a team that can compete for the championship. Michael Owen left the Celtic team and the Celtic team had no ability to compete for the championship. In other words, Anthony Davis took a group of young players to play, ah, meaningless. I’m in a hurry now, and I’m eager to drag this matter to the end of this summer. After Kerry Owen’s contract has been signed, this, this, almost Anthony Davis’s deal, this is not what your skin says.

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One eye now! A waiting superstar!

In order to get the first-hand information, many things were not explained clearly, and some important information was not verified. Let’s make a supplement. Oh, we tweeted and looked at it. I think that the first-hand information and speech, then the deal between lone ranger and yonix has been settled, and all the information has been, er, public. All the information has been made public, so these people are involved. If I don’t read much at 7788, it’s mainly bolzinghis, plus xiaoha’s, ah, the toxicity is relatively smooth, so it’s very important to create a special transaction case of $16.9 million. We, with an appointment, can clear up space for the Knicks and sign a free agent next summer.

Owen’s Jimi Butler, Harnett Nader, can be chased, ah, basically that means, ah, and the important information is that from the first round to two first round signings, the two bracelets provided by Lone Ranger are all about his personal first round in 2021 and 2023. As soon as we arrive, the top ten protection. Ah, the media mentioned two first round signings without saying anything. Maybe the situation at that time is not clear. Now let’s report it accurately. Now, domestic owners, the streaming media website may not have been updated, so we’ll cut in on Anthony Davis. One to ten digits is protection. So if it is really, in this case, ah, it is basically like this, ah, 99.9% of the situation, then we will balance the transaction rating as grade B, poor, each taking his own notes, so the hungry Lone Ranger team has got timely combat effectiveness. Ah, New York, Nick vacated the salary space, plus the three first round signings, I thought it was a bit terrible. Ah, the Mavericks were really so stupid. After such a long time of white play this year, it can’t be said that brandy is not strong enough. This can be the signing this year.

If it is very high, it will be sent directly, right

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Hollerdify? I don’t think so!

About the Spurs, talk about Popovich. Well, some netizens left us a message. I think we should respect Popovich. Respect, but, Popovich, ah, there are some things that need to be discussed. It is true that, er, there are good sides, there are bad sides, and there is a bad side. Ah, to sum up, anyway, it is almost retired, so don’t worry about these things. Um, sometimes. Oh, it’s the same with players and stars. After retirement, there are a lot of things, such as smoothing, forgetting or releasing. I won my victory in the early years regardless of everything. This is the fact, the white tender and Duncan.

It’s just, profit, attack at that time, right? Send it out, Stoudemire plus chili bell and this, who is the emperor in the report, who caused the sun? Er, as for the gas. I’m still the sun. I don’t want to argue about the strong. There’s nothing to argue about, including the subsequent slash, chop Huo, chop Jordan, and so on. That’s all in my mind. This coach, to me, is a word. Evil is very good at martial arts, but it’s very good. Evil, evil will win, by all means, without machines, including in those years, the Clippers played the playoffs until they were snatched seven. Jordan was addicted to it. A game played for more than five hours. I remember the correct words. From the morning, nine o’clock to two o’clock in the afternoon, the game has not been finished. Ah, yes, it’s smashed. Ah, it’s very bad to watch. You can chop and hit a few balls when you play a few balls

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there is Harris coming

Jimmy Butler, you need two hundred million in five years. Are you with it now, right. Five years, two, billion now often go to 20 points, do you deserve it, five years, two, billion ah in, the 76ers team now, ah, I personally feel that he has not played his own performance, perhaps because of the acclimatization, or just come to the reason, or to lack of strength in the playoffs, right? Now, just muddle around, anyway, one or two. It’s very tiring to catch up, right? Playing in the playoffs, and then, reflecting its own value, I think, jeep has the ability to put it, ah, but now there is Harris coming, then there is a competitor, ah, this is actually very, very clear and very clear, right? It is a spare tire, Harris has to be finalized after finishing.

Jimmy Butler, it’s even more terrifying. It takes two years, five, billion two years, five billion a year. How do you take 40 million? What do you use to get 40 million? We always say that you don’t have data, don’t talk about money. Don’t say that there are some things that data can’t reflect. This kind of emptiness. Average, mistakes plus 10, you have to get a four-star 400.35 million who will give you, right? So ah, of course, the 76ers, of course, did a radical operation, which is really very, very risky, ah, to trade all the young players, some excellent players and potential players.

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There are so many Big Macs

The absolute rule of others to rob seven may not play to the last two minutes may not be so miserable enough to achieve. The modern historical height, because you have five all stars, so the warriors today are not convincing. I personally don’t think there are as many as Jordan’s bulls at that time. There are so many Big Macs, including the OK group. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant are the two stars who can win 15-1 in the playoffs, 155-1. In those years, the palmprint number five wins and three wins system was adopted. So, there are 15 kidneys. If there are five stops, seven battles and four wins system, there are 15 kidneys.

It’s 16 years old. It’s a pair. The hand print is basically 4-03-0. So it’s the same record as the warriors now. But ah, the warriors’ set, last year’s four-star lineup, this thousand year’s four-star lineup, ah, it can be said that it has already organized the best in the league. Please, ah, there is no one. But as an OK combination, O’Neal is the biggest player in the league. However, Kobe has not said that he has reached this stage recognized by everyone in that era. There are still many competitors, such as Iverson and Carter McGrady, which are not enough. Ah, there are also Marbury’s messy general group of people, many, many, ah, that was also the era of interior center and guard, many excellent players ah, McGrady was also a McGrady.

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The black sheep of basketball!

Netizens saw the loss of the Los Angeles team, James lost, ah, these Zhan Hei people, began to restless up, jubilant, began all kinds of ah. The first slander, ah, started. It seemed like it was going to be a festival. Ah, I didn’t understand it. Some netizens said, ah, yes, the first time James and other things would make us unhappy or unhappy. I just saw that I didn’t have any unhappiness or unhappiness. James had less meat.

Don’t have anything to do with Mao. It has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with me. Mm-hmm. that’s right. I just want to ask some black James fans. Are you watching football for three or five years or ten or eight years? It can’t be more than ten years. I’m sure it’s because of you. If you have experienced James’s time, you can’t go to the black. He doesn’t have this reason. Most of the fans of Kobe have been relieved. Ah, how many years have you fans watched the ball? We are qualified to say this only after watching the whole 20 years of post Jordan era. Great superstar, superstar, once in 50 years, you’re 20 years old. You can see if you can get a James from 50 to 70 years old. It’s a problem. Thank God, ah, you should be grateful to Dad. Oh, I’m kidding. Let’s go, James. Celtic team, Celtic team, group from head to head, this is a precedent, oh, this is a model of taking, champion shortcut, ah, Celtic group, giants, huddle, pull two directly in a year, ah, directly get two in a year, you go to take a look at the data of Celtic three giants in the previous year.

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Cabela’s replacement

First of all, you have to understand the game, you need to know that you want to treat, know the characteristics of these two players, and you also need to understand the basic tactical characteristics of this team. In the team, in the whole playoffs and 82 regular season games, he will change. He may play later and change again. You should follow the coach’s thinking and follow the changing rhythm of the team to judge that fario is not competent for Cabela’s replacement, and emphasize one more point today. Well, kabela, when he comes back from injury, will play for 34 minutes. We have said that if we play in the playoffs, kabella will probably play for 38 minutes or more in the end, because kabella is too important for the Rockets, but you can also see that in the end, James ah, every ball is against kabela.

That is, Tu kabella, this point, ah, we still pay attention to his weak point among the defensive outside players, er, last year’s playoffs, Kuri and Lianda cabella, three of them, pushed the rockets into despair. This is a very good proof, but this player can’t use the critical moment. But you still have to use, or, get this improvement. The added value of Haden and Paul, the added value of Capella in Haden and Paul is immediately reflected. Cabella, it is difficult to reflect without this added value. Of course, the lack of today’s play is also good, but the role of fario in the Rockets. Well, after the interior defense has been pulled down, as an important part of the interior defense, obviously there is no role of kabela. Of course, the play is good, and the play is also good, but this can not solve the essential problem. Drink poison to quench thirst, you still have to pay the price.

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O’Neill is the outstanding center

These four guys, Garnett, are in the back. The ancients, a lot of people think that Nowitzki is the fifth man is actually a wrong concept. Garnett played as a small forward in the Timberwolves. This position is so big and the height is 2.08 meters. I remember it is a high school player. I can’t play in this position. You are too tall. Well, either you can’t play, or you have the ability to play the No. 4 position. You can play the No. 4 position for me, or even play the center position to head O’Neill. Ah, it’s bitter. Garnett is also very painful. I don’t want to play inside in the era when the center runs rampant.

The point guard is very strong, the interior line is very strong, and there are excellent players in position 4 and 5, but O’Neill is the outstanding center in position 5. The centers of other players are all flesh shield centers. Anyway, you want to play this position and you will be killed by O’Neill, right? Basically. Coolies, ah, so Garnett in that era, tried to avoid meeting, and, ah, the situation of the four large-scale, but the more play better and better, the ability is more and more excellent, ah, it is also very good, this shark, ah, so Garnett is also a movie.

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James I said before

If we play well, we have to praise the bad one. We have to criticize the Laker team. James has to criticize this season as a failed one. The failed season, the following games, just like the James I said before, it’s OK to brush the data. This season, er, give up. I personally think that after giving up for a few days, I will be ready to surpass Jordan. To meet the milestone, we should brush up the regular season data and not get hurt, right.

The average playing time is 356 minutes, playing an efficient 356 minutes, scoring rebounds, snatching assists and blocking caps. These five big data are all good incentives. We can’t play the playoffs next year. Come back next year. We’ve said it’s nothing. You want to play after the finals. Then you’re 20 years old. A ball can play in the playoffs. You have more than 20 matches to brush the data, right? So we should look forward to the long-term and the future. Er, this season is not a championship year. Don’t be too demanding about cutting the ball. These young players should be good partners. Let’s have a good summer. Let’s have a good price. Before the trade, we said that, this season, the four young players of Russia Ingram, kuzmahat and Lang zubo, ah, the four little Lakers are the last season. There is no dispute. Ah, playing to the current position, ah, this is called indestructible

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