The Spurs are pursuing the victory!

There are also two games, the Clippers against the thunder team and the Spurs against the Nuggets. In fact, we have done the previous program, so we can simply say two or three minutes. Body set the key point, the Blazers have nothing to say about the thunder team, and have no concern about it. Basically, thunder team has no tactics to speak of and no discipline to speak of. For such a team, you can only rely on heaven to feed on fate. It depends on how wechat plays, whether Wei Shao can repay or rely on Wei Shao, which is unreasonable and unreasonable. Can this basketball style kill the opponent or be bluffing.

Well, we lost another game. It was the second best game in the series. The Spurs captain, the Nuggets, was determined to be unprepared for the hemorrhoids in the first half of the competition. The team is in danger, right? We’re not. We’re not. Most fans still think that the nuggets can beat the Spurs 4-2 or turn 4-3. But you have to know that the Nuggets are in the second position in the first half of the season. Four to three, the Spurs beat the Spurs in World War II. It’s not qualified. It’s really mint. Of course, I didn’t say that disqualification is one thing. It can’t help but be another thing. Right? These are two things that can’t be confused. So, in fact, we still have the strength of the Nuggets. Ah, a big question mark. A big question mark. So we said before. Before the playoffs, we said that the Spurs and the Nuggets were worried about the Nuggets. Unfortunately, the old spurs were the first to win

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Warriors light their swords!

Because the Spurs and the Nuggets are halfway through, the clippers and the warriors just started. Well, I’ve finished today. All of them are finished. Let’s share and discuss with you. First of all, let’s talk about some warriors and Clippers. What’s the heart to say? Well, first of all, we’ll get together with these swimming. Hey, my friends, I’m really, er, all kinds of brainless spray, that’s to say, some netizens said. If you want to say these words for the sake of the Black Warrior, I think it’s understandable if you just, uh, really are.

If we don’t know the strength of the two teams, it’s impossible to talk about it. We say that we support the Clippers. To be honest, I support the clippers, but support and strength are two different things. Do you understand these two things? We are aiming at fake football fans. These words are said to fake fans. You are really quick. OK no problem, but you have to admit the strength of the warriors. Well, we said before that we were going to win the championship championship. The Kwai clippers wanted to kill the warriors. Can you imagine that this is the Clippers’ championship? You can imagine that the warriors won the championship.

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See through NBA!

Some of these things outside NBA basketball affect our quality, so we were beaten in the face. Go to sleep, cover your face and run back to 112.

Run away, grab the gold, get into the hole and hide, then don’t come out. It’s like a mole. Let’s talk about it. There were netizens who left messages for us. We heard about the results of many competitions or series. If you don’t buy, I think it’s gambling. Then you don’t have to go. I can tell you that ten bets and nine losses are absolute. But in order to enhance the substitution of this game, right? You can put in some money, ah, 10 yuan. Fast, right? So it’s a fact that you watch the game, the more interesting actors. So, I’d like to give you this suggestion, that is, er, you listen to our program, it’s actually tendentious, right? But you have to think through your own brain, right. We will not generalize. We must tell you that the final game is urgent, right? Then, who will win and who will lose the game, right? But what is sure to tell you, right? Most of the probability is very high. Of course, these odds are also very high

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Paul and George can’t float

The backboard in the back court doesn’t do any serious work, but his main business doesn’t do it. Right? I have to cut three doubles. I want to get three doubles, right? 94 points. The first game is four points. The second game is more than 20 points. The third game is more than 30 points. There are more than 10 points and 20 points in the fourth layer.

How to win? Oh, I don’t understand. If you don’t score, thunder, how to win, Lillard and mcmutu are all so big, right? Paul and George can’t float. Ah, why don’t you look at who’s scoring and how to win. We didn’t say that thunder wants to win the Blazers. Then you said that you can’t win two matches, and then you don’t know how to win two matches. Go away, right? Well, the third game is better, right? Take out your own, real me, what do you mean, what’s the flavor of China’s true self? What’s the taste of the plant? I’m just like to be himself. The players are brave and ruthless, and take scoring as their own responsibility. That’s why it’s not three pairs. He said why was it that later things were dragged down by your data. You called three double Wang, 35 ah, every day called infringement. They all forgot how to play and who they were. It was around this. According to today’s game, there were 14 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 9 rebounds.

Forget what should be forgotten. They want to win more than this kind of game

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which team Durant will go to

Let’s talk about Curie. Yes, this library needs to be mentioned. We don’t care whether we can get the f xep or not. Let’s first say that if this situation doesn’t work, let’s be thorough with the warriors. Well, Durant and Thomson must go together. No matter what the situation is, it’s impossible for Durant to be the same as Thomson, right? Durant won’t be like this in the first place. His annual salary is more than 40 million, right? Well, it’s not dramatic. He’ll also need 380039 million in the next season.

Well, it’s possible to trade green off and leave Thomson. Well, maybe it’s impossible to travel, because Thomson is a new type of person. If these three people add up, it will cost more than 100 million yuan, which is very frightening. It’s more than one hundred million yuan. Sometimes, how much money can be made every year? Not only can we make profits, but also we can’t just pay for fame and wealth, right? Ah, clearly, when we have to say it, it’s not right, er, well, basically, it’s like this. If it’s established in this way, if we don’t, if we stay. From the current situation, it is necessary to discuss which team Durant will go to. Ah, if Durant goes to the East, there will be a series of chain reactions. Ah, if Durant stays in the warriors, ah, Thomson has been to the other team members of the Lakers. We’ll talk about father later

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Hardon’s gate of life! Here!

I’m going to clip out a few of the epitomes of the Jazz versus the Rockets defending harden, and Rubio’s defense of harden. Generally speaking, according to our understanding, Rubio’s defense is very excellent. Ah, Rubio has a little organizing ability because he has no attack ability. Ah, in the league, such players can’t get along with it. It’s also because he has excellent defensive ability. Therefore, he can be based in the League because he is in the position of point guard. There is a consensus that you don’t have the ability to attack. You can’t get along in this league. You don’t have a meal. Today, the league, even if you have assists, such as Rondo and so on. Rondo also relies on his own good defensive assist ability and flexible brain.

Very basketball, high, ah, basketball’s high IQ, based in the league, you can see other teams, point guard this position, strong team point guard, center back must have attack ability, ah, business organization ability, but attack ability first, organization ability second, this era. Well, I’ll talk about the Jazz team’s defense against the rockets against the team’s Hadden. We said before, the Jazz team’s defense is because of his current personnel conditions. Hadden is also a correct defense method, because it limits the harden’s defense. radiation

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76 people focus on the present!

Because tomorrow will be Meng Wang and the 76ers to play the first game, so we spend time today to focus on those, ah, today’s clippers and warriors we are not the same. The clippers and the warriors, ah, now they are fighting each other. Ah, the two camps, ah, the warriors camp, and the Yong Hei camp, are not the Clippers fans. There is no life-saving for the Clippers fans. The dominant camp, he yonghei camp, has to pinch each other. Captain, I support the Clippers a lot. Oh, only a lot more. It’s not to cause public indignation in the league. Well, let’s send it. I hope to fight three to three and grab seven, which will be recorded in the history books, whether the clippers can or not.

Can be successful, whether it can be successful or not, right? If today’s typing three games, ah, it will be direct ah, it will be recorded in the history books. Clippers fans, if they want the team to refuel, ah, home, win and send, I’m sorry. Let’s talk about how attractive someone is. Then we said that the defense level of the defense team in the Raptors is quite high, and the championship level interior line varencinus has traded those small families, ah, the best defensive team.

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players like NB format

Raptors let you head, you a big brother ran outside to throw three points, under the circumstances of those rebounds are all mine, right? You only head dirty 3 times 5. Points even higher you, just, meaningful, your brother to the outside line to cast three points is meaningful, otherwise it is meaningless, we should emphasize that, big pull outside, three points, this is killing, killing a few, under the circumstances, those are no rebounds, Lin Jingrui got the rebounds, so the alien big brother should be accurate. Q hit rate, this hit rate is generally in the position of 3% 678, 3 times 678, position, some friends say 3000 is very high, ah ah, it is very high, right? But if you want to put in 3 times 53600, you are just barely making a draw with your opponent, so don’t worry, enbid should be a weapon.

The more ability, ah, ways and means, the more offensive ways and means, the better, right, Simmons, players like NB format, but in this group, you miss home very much, those who force him to make fouls, ability, this group of counterpoint ah, quiet is to play a tie, with the inside strong suppression you will not reach yourself. Effect your, strong base can’t play strong case, your NB is your strong point, machine can’t hit wall Simmons, is a woman’s rape, you can’t play a strong team, Jimi Butler, defense, yes, strong point, his house in pairs, um, Harris is a fake star who was occupied and played, African players, say, 76 people, personally I don’t think this set of lineup is too big The problem is right, all positions have attack and defense, all have standards, right? But from the arrangement of the coach.

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we have passed the Celtic team

Humans, ah, this is the transformation of the Celtic team, ah, a sunny, can be said to be a sunny future, ah, hit the Raptors, we will not say that we have passed the Celtic team, ah, the future of a sunny, is the test of both sides of the letter gekunbo attack and defense. No, I’m afraid last year, it was restricted by the Celtic team’s joint defense and chain defense, which affected all subjects of this letter. Now, so, sleepy, this kind of breakthrough ability has a new improvement compared with last year. You can see the first round of playing this, er, piston.

Yeah, well, I don’t think it’s too good to defend. It’s all based on defense and technology. Ah, attack can’t play, attack can’t play. When they all go crazy, the teams in the East, except one, two, three, and one, two, three, four, then, er, so, ah, I think, ah, letter and Kun Bo, you should break through the opponent’s Madness on the inside line Crazy break through these opponents is what we said before, knowing that there are tigers on the mountain and leaning towards tiger mountain, ah, let Celtic team rely on. The chain like defense area and joint defense of strongholds that we rely on for survival is nothing but empty. In fact, it’s very simple. Just two steps across the letter. What’s gokunbur playing now? Use this Ginobili’s Viagra. Tell me it’s the European step. It’s such a big step in Europe

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What’s the difference between Hadden and Kuri?

After three years and five years, I’ll look at it again. Ah, what kind of understanding level was at the beginning? Of course, it can’t be generalized. This level of understanding is also constantly improving, right? As long as you can admit your mistakes. If there is something, it will be changed. If there is nothing, it will be added. It’s OK. No problem. The most important thing is, why does harden play like this? I’ll tell you, the reason is very simple. It depends on whether you see it or not and see the head. What’s the difference between Hadden and Kuri? Ha, Deng, this kind of mountain, he wins the fight, Kuri’s three points are hiding, do you understand? Do you understand? Ah, this explanation, you can’t get in or out.

All right, some of them hit him on the head. Ah, he often comes to you. He just looks for you for fouls. You say, why do you lie to him and touch OK? You can say that, but I understand it from me. He’s just looking for you to foul. He’s just meeting you, playing in the library, hiding and hiding, right? He’s looking for parameters, running around and running for vacant seats. He’s hiding and playing. There are netizens. Ah, he may think that this hiding is not good to eat, ah, it’s not advanced. Right? Well, how to say that, er, er, it seems that it’s not strong and domineering, right? It should still be like harden. It’s wrong to understand, ah, you just have to throw in the basketball. Maybe you need to find the space. You can play alone for every ball. Coach, don’t arrange tactics, right? You can’t be bothered by your vacant position. What, it’s not ancient, stupid or stupid. You’re stupid and stupid. No matter it’s head-on, fight or hide, as long as you score, it’s OK.

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