Caring from caring people

Like the Rockets harden Paul can achieve, to such a record, such a result 65 wins the League first and such a warrior is invincible, the warriors of the whole league to be able to reach the wall is not easy. In addition, ha, Deng, MVP level, scoring king with 36 points per field, what else do you need? I don’t quite understand. Compared with before, ah, after Yao Ming entered the NBA, ah, with the combination of rockets, Yao and Mai, in that era, now the Rockets are so good.

Too many. At that time, our group of fans who watched Yao and Mai’s team all thought that the Rockets were a strong team. Every year, they thought that the Rockets were a strong team, and they could not break through the second round every year. Yao and Mai were very popular for a time. In those days, they were killing. At that time, if you want to see the rockets again, should we all queue up and jump off the building? Ah, we are extremely dissatisfied with the Rockets, and we can’t bear the awe. From 1996 to now, what time period can the Rockets be better? What time period can the modern harden Paul’s four teams combine. Now this kind of ability, ah, the record of this kind of team, have you got? Which time period is right? No, so the fans should not be too demanding. Ah, the rocket team is the best rocket team in the past 20 years. So some friends, friends and netizens have said, ah, I’m very dissatisfied with harden and Paul, especially Paul. Ah, there are many fans who think or agree with the trade exposure. I think it’s very normal that the team trading players improve their fighting ability and prepare for better achievements

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Owen’s only two plays

If Celtic team now to the majority of fans media, ah, this presents the audience is a kind of treacherous, ungrateful role, although in the long run, each team has some black history. However, Celtic team is too close now, ah, this kind of injury injury, this, er, feeling, this is too direct, so Owen’s possibility of staying in the team is extremely low, so now Owen’s only two plays are the New York Knicks and. New York Knicks, the probability of going to New York is very small, because New York is right now. Er, if we can’t win Owen or Durant and Owen Durant at the same time, then New York will be ready to rebuild. Brandy will restart. Then Owen is an out of plan choice. It is a better choice to choose the Brooklyn basketball and nets team, or it is an ER, the second choice. If we play a transitional season with the third signing, then another year will be wasted. Then Owen still wants to play in the playoffs, or to be competitive in the playoffs, and to be the leader of the ball team.

So I believe Owen will join the nets to form a double line cooperation with Harris. Can we leave Russell’s instruction that this advantage mainly lies in the first can make money, the second can play the third round of the playoffs. I believe that Owen can only submit to James and Durant. He will not be willing to play for other players of other teams. Now the New York Knicks environment also needs to cultivate new players. If Owen plays a transitional season with him, he will also repeat the same mistakes. Ah, where is the situation of the nets and Celtics? Whether to cultivate Tatum? Whether to establish Tatum as the absolute core? So I believe these. For father, Owen is the minimum requirement. Finally, let’s sum up. Let’s sum up. Of course, there are a lot of rumors that the Rockets should prepare to use Cabela, often skip classes, plus Gordon, package and trade the 76ers.

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Durant Owen brothers love is higher than the sky!

Durant joined the nets. For Durant to join the Brooklyn nets and Owen to take over the Brooklyn nets, there are also some, er, generations of people who have moved in. As you can see, I let me sign a big hand, signed four to five players, and reached more oral agreements. We have to go into space and talk about some small details. Then, er, this is that the enterprise may go back. Ah, oral agreement has been basically reached. It should not be very good. If we play well, we will not regret. After all, it is rare, er, there are some people who are not familiar with the commitment.

But I believe, Durant, I will not go back on my word of mouth agreement. Now that we have reached an oral agreement, the warriors fans, ah, can be relieved. We will do a program before and after. Systematically speaking, the warriors can say that the warriors are here and can fight for the championship again. Team, champion, ah, I don’t have to wait for a long time, wait for a year and a half, ah, Durant’s burden can finally be thrown away, so now, come to me, calm down, before the program, we have not said, ah, we don’t want to say, but now we have joined. Oh, by the way, ah, we can, er, share our personal thoughts with you. We’ve all said it in the group, right? But since we have to do the program, we have to sleep. Facing more fans than a small group, we have something to think about. Some things have to wait. Besides, we can’t just give this, this, er, very difficult, cruel, ah, very difficult, cruel situation to everyone at high speed.

Glow in the dark iron on

Durant in another three years

Of course, if a large amount of people really stay in the dream, well, I give the majority of Zhang Hei fans Carmi, fans ah, I give you a deep bow to apologize to you, your idea, you should stand on the leadership’s point of view, to consider him, this is his career, it is the last 56 years of good prospects, it is only the last 56 years of the test scene, how many players, playing to 34 years old, 35 years old 3637 ah They can stand tall when they are old. The highest peak of the league, no more. In a few years, three years and five years later, who cares about you? Ah, including curry Durant. You can look at the competitive state of curry Durant in another three years. It’s not my alarmist, I’m not too old to forgive.

The Lakers, now because of James, have a large number of ah, er, black powder, a large number of brainless fans, support, Leonard stay in the nets, stupid, extreme, ah, really stupid, I will give him a label ah, completely. That is, Jamie, ah, a group of people are black, right? It can also be Carmi. A small number of people can’t be killed completely, right? Leave a small number of people. If the Lakers don’t have James, right? I also support Leonard to join the Lakers and Anthony Davis. Cao champion, go and win the cup. It has nothing to do with James. It’s not harmful for you to join the Laker team. Ah, no matter from the perspective of basketball or from the perspective of non basketball, it’s all interpreted in this way. So why is leonard now? He hasn’t made a decision, which has been delayed for five days. It’s the sixth day. I don’t know when it will be decided. Well, we have to say, ah, there is only one possibility, that is, the conditions put forward by the team are too good and melancholy. Moreover, there is no way to choose, and now we can’t choose.

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Security card! Back home, Joe! Interesting!

We did it for the last two days because. I once held a press conference. Ah, we also sold new jerseys, ah, No. 2, No. 13, Leonard and Paul George, right? All kinds of news, too. There are a lot of news about the Clippers. Ah, most of them are about the Clippers. Ah, the front pages of the major websites are printed down on the basic. It’s all about this, at least five points, ah, all kinds of, um, the progress of the world before, as well as the views of the fans, players, coaches and the news media on this matter, we can see one thing, that is.

I have never seen, I have never seen a team with such a poor wind level. Ah, of course, this is in quotation marks. Ah, yes, it may be more than what Durant suffered when he joined the warriors. The old fans’ attack, ah, ridicule and slander will be so fierce that I haven’t seen it. Ah, the clippers, this new season, ah, is very difficult. Ah, but the running in of the new team of the team, right? When the two players cooperate, the problem of team construction will come. From the outside world’s question, he has regarded this piece of God to be the primary enemy for all teams to win the championship. If the imaginary enemy doesn’t have enough strength, then we can say that our strength can’t reach our goal, but they have a bad reputation.

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Great changes in the net!

Today, let’s talk about a few contents. Ah, it’s about the basketball and nets team. We’ve got a lot of news in these two days. Let’s talk about it. There are as like as two peas of netizens who are concerned about the Lakers’ Cousins. This is also a big group. It’s about Durant, Erwin, Egypt, and the nets. I think personally, I think the same is true of my previous judgement. The nets are for this team, ah, the champion is not the champion. How much is the relationship? So this summer, Owen and Durant have been trying to win the position of the New York Knicks in New York. Ah, because New York is a position, for the nets, for many people in this area, the net is a comparison.

The pocket has not been taken seriously, so it is normal and reasonable to win Owen and Durant to win the vast majority of fans and economic interests in this area. Now. You can eat all the shares, including sports. The center spent more than $30.1 on a gamble. I think it’s OK. I think it’s also the right choice. Ah, if you don’t gamble, you’ll have no chance to look back. So, er, after eating so many shares, I almost became the first decision-maker of the basketball team, the absolute boss, a dictator. Well, I think it’s good for the nets, and it’s good for the nets. In the case of a lot of opinions, I’m in a dilemma. It’s right to say everything, one has the final say, and the words are very good. Right, well, it’s a normal thing. But we can see that Erwin, as we say, is now embarrassed, that is, ER and his own goals and his own ideas.

It happened, a little bit of a deviation

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many players entering the NBA.

In the future, it may be that the west is East and West, and the East is tomato. There is something in the West that starts without tomatoes, or he passes through and so on. It is also a rookie who can focus on observation. Well, er, last year, I saw a foreign media report last year, which is about the introduction of this thing. I don’t want to say that you have a lot of Baidu and other newspapers or magazines. Yes, all of them can be found, but there is a message that you really need to pass the statistics. Well, it’s cost-effective to get the conclusion that from these players, there are not so many players entering the NBA.

Well, I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, this phone call goes on to say that it’s the wish of taking things. Even I didn’t make a comprehensive report on him. Well, you can find a lot of data. But there is one thing that we directly discussed about this technology. Er, it has to be such a long time. For so many years, there are many players in the NBA before and after. He made a statistics.

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Nets look forward to Durant’s savior

Say, clippers, right, jazz, yeah, then the Celtics and bucks game is about to end, ah, and in the thinnest ten seconds, Celtics lead by more than ten points, basically. There’s no big accident. Before the jazz and Clippers, we have to talk about another game: the nets and the Pacers. We have made comments on the Pacers before. That is to say, there is a major deviation in the team’s overall strategy. However, it failed to let go of two very good, No. 3 strikers. The players created this team, which was difficult to sustain. Ah, just relying on such a team, that is, the Pacers and the team played fourth and fifth last year. All these years, they were very excellent, but there were no big stars, Paul.

These years after leaving as like as two peas, you can see the quality of this player. This team is of the same character as the Celtics. But, ah, let go, ah, these frontline players, ah, tribal Gordon, not a tough party, so I am not optimistic about the walker. Ah, it’s good to play a playoff game. Maybe it’s the first round tour. If you are in 67878 position, ah, if you meet the 76ers, ah, even the Celtics and bucks, there is no way to resist, then such a team

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They have the ability to attack

Your attack area is limited. How many attacks does Anthony Davis have? The closer they get to the basket, the higher the success rate of your attack. This is an iron rule, isn’t it? Especially for the players. It’s an iron rule. Ah, sorry to interrupt what they said.

Cangjing, the empty second, martyr, the second disadvantage. Of course, if you have strong outside projection ability in the whole game, then how can you play? If there is no such situation, the hand feeling is very poor, then you must kill to the basket, to the hinterland. If you are outside, holding the ball surface, box play, you will not be in a very low position, a very deep position. You must be far away from the basket. A distance, for you, this distance is your attack. The distance with the attack distance takes time to reach an ideal distance or a deeper position. If you have time to attack, then the opponent has time to do it, interview to react and defend. This is relative, right, so frame. It’s not necessarily easy. You don’t necessarily have an absolute advantage. So, low back, play first, play these players. He comes up. Well, you go to see those players. They are lower. They have the ability to project. They have the ability to attack. They hit each other low. The first thing they lose is to have a deep position for them. Why, these, evil animal interior players, is really this position, outside players, he does not need a position, right? I carry the ball, I attack in any position I can start, the inside player is not the same, he first needs a position, the defensive player also needs a position, it needs to jam this position or push the opponent’s inside line out, this attack is reasonable Area attack threat, area wants to push it out, so the inside line jam is the most important

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let’s talk about Durant and green

You think the future pattern of NBA, so hungry, marks the disintegration of warriors and the establishment of Los Angeles twins. Ah, the Los Angeles twins have to play for several seasons. You can look at their contracts, ah, look at their two competitive states and their age structure. Including James, this state is the Los Angeles twins. It’s basically to dominate the western region, or the two big opponents in the western corner. If you want to kill them, you can’t do it again when you go to the finals. They or you can’t do it. On paper, their strength can’t surpass them. Don’t think about it. Because there are two mountains in front of you, it doesn’t mean you can beat one with better luck.

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