All star lineup debut

As for the final result of the all star vote, it may come later. In the end, how was the selection, ah, how were the votes obtained? But now that the starting lineup has come out, there is no dispute. Ah, the result may be controversial. That is, the head is definitely not controversial. Well, first of all, the eastern and Eastern all star starts are led by the letter and Kun mo. the letter, Kun Bo leads the NBA, desia, Kam Walker and, toria western all, the star ah is the least suspense, ah, early has set the tone of James.

Lead, Anthony Davies, Leonard, add things, ha ha ha ha, say a few heads, ten heads, well, we said before, you will see a lot of East and west this year, whether or not to talk about the East all star. Fresh, head, right, right? Yeah, one. I remember last year’s words, enbid, with this letter and Kun Bo, it seems that passers-by is also in the starting line. We changed to two new heads, one is special, itchy, on the wall, written with combe. There may be a lot of changes in the eastern reserve. I’m confident that a lot of fresh people will join in. Just don’t make too big an accident. Because, um, many players have gone to the West. Ah, with Owen and Durant’s business circle, there are many vacant positions. Yes, this starting, the starting of the East and the West. Let’s talk about my personal opinion It’s interesting. Ah, it’s really interesting. As the same generation, ah, especially, itching is going to go to the East and the West. In the next year, he was selected as an all star in the East and the West.

I believe this is very rare in history. I don’t know if there is any statistics. There are media experts who can make statistics on whether they can send it or go shopping and ask us to have a look at it. In the next year, they will be selected for the first round of both the East and the West.

Internal light and external light

From the existing historical records, it can be seen that since the ancient Greek painter Apollodorus skiagragos in the fifth century B.C. perfected the method of light and shade, Western painting has been maintaining the overall appearance of shaping the body and depicting the truth with light and shade for more than 2000 years. Although different schools of painting in different periods have their own unique styles, the overall appearance of Western painting is consistent. The Renaissance in Europe and more than two hundred years later made western painting reach an insurmountable peak. Generations of masters pursued the light in their hearts and promoted the development of sacred art. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the great achievements of Jacques Louis David and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres were also deterred. Whether in terms of materials or techniques, the possibility of surpassing the predecessors has become very small. At this time, Impressionism, which had a different path, stepped onto the stage of history.

If what the painter seeks in the traditional painting is to express the inner light and constant will, then the Impressionists put the light outside. Impressionists emphasize that the real world exists in the observation of the eyes, only color and light, and do not care about the substance of the object. Therefore, they broke the centuries old tradition of depicting reality in European paintings and turned to the representation of sensory intake, which was not to draw what was seen as it was, but to exaggerate the feelings of light and shadow. Because impressionism focuses on expressing the light and shadow that the painter feels, they often ignore the shape and outline of the object image. Under the influence of this style, the painters gradually ignored the most basic skills of becoming a painter, that is, the rigorous modeling ability and the corresponding professional knowledge of material techniques.

Popovich bombards NFL president and boss: timidity and hypocrisy

U.S. President Donald Trump has refused to change the lives of 10 military bases named after the leader of the Confederate army.

“They’re not going to fight for general Bragg, they’re going to fight for our country,” spurs coach Greg Popovich said of American soldiers

Speaking of NFL president Roger Goodell’s public apology, Popovich expressed his skepticism:

“A smart man who knows NFL, he doesn’t understand the difference between the national flag and what makes this country great. Everyone is fighting for the freedom of kneeling for justice for kaepernick. It’s not about the flag. It is a political symbol, like Cheney’s return to the war in Iraq. Once trump is enraged by kneeling, he flinches

Talk about seven NFL bosses who each contributed $1 million to trump’s Inaugural Committee. “Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, absurdity,” Popovich said. How can you talk about inequality, democracy and protest with your employees and players if the masses are not blind? I didn’t get it. I don’t think they can justify themselves. “

Cowboy running guard Elliot is dissatisfied with the leak of the diagnosis

Ezekiel Elliott became the first player to be named after the announcement that cowboys and Texans were positive for the new crown virus. But he was very dissatisfied with the leak.

In the first report, Ian Rapoport, a reporter from NFL Network, said the source was Eliot’s agent, but the runner implied that other people violated his privacy.

Elliott’s first tweet was simple: “HIPAA?” (Note: health insurance privacy and Liability Act)

Later, on twitter, Elliott wrote: “my agent just confirmed the news, and the news had been written at that time. The reporters have been calling my agent all morning. “My agent is not a source of information.”

“Under federal and local privacy laws, we cannot disclose health information about any of our employees,” the statement said

2021 career bowl will be held in Las Vegas

On Tuesday, the League officially announced that the 2021 career bowl will be held in Las Vegas.

Raiders home court, loyal aviation stadium, will be responsible for holding the professional bowl held on January 31. The competition will be broadcast live through ESPN and ABC.

During the professional bowl week, there will be a series of other activities, including the waist flag championship, skill challenge, all star training and other activities.

Las Vegas is the 11th host city of the professional bowl since 1950. Cities that previously hosted the professional bowl include Los Angeles, Dallas, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, Seattle, Tampa, harawa, Glendale and Orlando.

NBA coach Jerry Sloan died at the age of 78

I still remember when the local media of Salt Lake City of Utah interviewed the old man Sloan in 2016, the old man calmly said “I’m not afraid” to the camera

“I’m not afraid, I’m just afraid of shivering day by day. If I could stop shaking, I would be in good shape One Jerry Sloan

The elderly suffer from Parkinson’s disease and Lewy’s dementia. Parkinson’s disease, as we all know, can cause central nervous system disorder in the brain, and directly lead to symptoms such as trembling and stiffness of the body.

However, dementia with Lewy body may lead to the decline of cognitive function. That is to say, patients will slowly lose memory, slowly can’t think, slowly lose language function. This is no doubt cruel to a once famous commander.

“It’s a tough situation because you have to get away from something you’ve always loved. “I haven’t heard that it’s easy to recover,” Sloan said in an interview, “so I have to accept and move on. “

However, in order not to forget the most important thing in his life, the most important thing the manager can do with his body is to go to the Jazz home court to watch the ball.

Coach Bill: confident in backup quarterback Matt Barkley

Buffalo Bil picked the quarterback Jake Fromm in this year’s draft, but if the starting quarterback Josh Allen can’t make it, it’s probably Matt Barkley who will be the first.

Manager Sean McDermott expressed confidence in Buckley.

“Very confident; for many reasons I am very confident in Matt,” McDermott said.

McDermott did not explain these reasons clearly, but there was reason to question whether Buckley was really so good. Buckley has been mediocre throughout his career. In 2018, he started for bill and won one game, but in two appearances last season, he was intercepted three times and failed to reach the goal. Against the New England patriot, Buckley ended the suspense by intercepting a pass at the end of the game, while he was intercepted twice in the regular season final against the New York Jets.

Bill also has Davis Webb at quarterback. It can be said that their reserve quarterback strength is not outstanding.

“Competition is a good thing,” McDermott said. “The competition in this position and the competition in the whole squad is. I think Brandon bean and his team are very competitive. So we’ll see what happens. “

You have to know the little knowledge of oil painting!

People who study fine arts all know that oil painting, or that many people really come into contact with fine arts through oil painting at the beginning. Oil painting is a kind of painting art from the West. The bright and glossy effect of oil painting makes people love it. With the development of economic conditions, people are more and more interested in the cultivation of art and culture, and oil painting is gradually emerging in people’s sight.

In fact, oil painting at the beginning served the family life, social life and political life of the new aristocrats after the fall of the feudal system, mainly portrait painting or plot portrait painting. Since ancient times, it can be said that oil painting represents the Royal Palace aristocracy. Oil painting techniques are also very complex, and the materials are also more exquisite. Today, Xiaobian will give you a specific introduction about the little knowledge of oil painting, hoping to help you

First of all, I will tell you about the types of oil painting. Oil painting is mainly divided into the following types: classical oil painting, impression oil painting, abstract oil painting, portrait oil painting and other styles.

Classical oil painting is delicate and soft, giving people a sense of noble and elegant, solemn and harmonious. And the outline is clear, the pigment material is lighter than the impression oil painting, and the effect is better near.

Impression oil painting mainly has the characteristics of colorful, good light and color effect, free and easy brushwork, pungent and random. Let people have a feeling of being in the nature, make people relax. Impression painting has a better effect in the far view, and the strokes of oil painting are concave and convex obviously in the near view.

Abstract oil painting style is simple, casual, giving people a fresh, bright vision, more suitable for simple decoration. If your furniture is simple, you may as well hang a set of combination paintings or abstract oil paintings in the living room or corridor, which will add a lot of color to your home!

Under the epidemic, the first industry to return to zero completely

It used to be a popular way to start a business,

But this sudden outbreak in early 2020,

But it’s almost completely wiped out.

We interviewed more than ten hosts,

Their stores are located in Beijing, Nanjing, Taizhou, Hangzhou, Xiamen and overseas Japan,

Someone’s monthly rent cost is close to 2 million,

If there is no order, you can’t live for a month;

Some 20 million stores are going to open,

Catch up with the pneumonia, had to disband employees on the spot.

One owner told me,

When you hear complaints from other industries, you will be envied by those who have been beheaded,

Because homestay is a direct result of zero.

We can’t wait to die. The owners of lodgings try their best to help themselves:

Small business owners want to go back to work and subsidize rent with their wages,

Big brand short rent to long rent, fight with free and other rental brands.

The consensus is:

In 2020, profit is an extravagant demand,

To survive is the only goal.

I don’t know if rose will have such a dream?

February 28, the pistons away game against the sun in the third quarter 7:04 seconds, derrickross conversion breakthrough, after the confrontation with Rubio, was then rushed to the bridge cover. The staggering Ross turns around and grabs the ball back. He scores two points in the layup. Then he complains that the referee blows the technical foul. At this point, rose is still saying: This is a foul (suns defense), this is a foul

This short round is a microcosm of Ross’s current situation. The champion, who plays like a white horse and snows, is now a stranger to Detroit. It’s not just the style of play that changes

What’s Ross like with the pistons?

Ross’s position in the piston is an end point for holding the ball. Coach Casey has high expectations for rose. He once claimed that he wanted to let rose play 40 minutes, but in order to protect Rose’s body, “we just can’t do this.”.

How good is rose this season? He has played 76 points in all three games of the season. From January 4 to January 31, 2020, 14 consecutive games scored 20 points. In the whole season, the average playing time is only 26 minutes, 18.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists, which is quite efficient.