On Internet advertising — SEM and DSP

What is SEM advertising? According to the way of using search engine, the marketing information is transferred to the target user as much as possible. In short, search engine marketing is the network marketing based on the search engine platform. It uses people’s dependence and usage habits on search engine to transfer information to the target users when people search information. SEM advertising features 1.1 large user base, high activity. SEM based on search engine technology is the largest user base and the most active network delivery channel in the whole network.

As of 2016, the utilization rate of search engine channel in the whole network channel has reached 82.4%, ranking second only to social application in the utilization rate of the whole network channel. 1.2 the mechanism of SEM advertising with relatively accurate traffic determines its attribute: people look for advertising. Users actively search information through search engines, so as to obtain the presentation of relevant information. In this process, advertisers can tell users what information I can provide you by setting keyword matching and related creative descriptions. The backstage algorithm of search engine grabs and analyzes the search information of users in search engine, and presents the information with high matching degree to users in its backstage database. This algorithm mechanism leads to the advertiser’s advertisement will have a greater probability to show to the target users of the enterprise. The search information of users is a kind of directional way to connect the enterprise and users together. 1.3 the traffic is transparent and real; the SEM with strong operability and autonomy has been nearly 20 years since its birth in the early 21st century. Its technical level is very mature, the flow is real, transparent, and can be monitored. Moreover, the main platform parties also use technical means to help advertisers identify malicious clicks and spam traffic, which is very beneficial to reduce costs and improve ROI. In addition, domestic mainstream SEM platforms have provided corresponding data report services, and the traffic can be monitored in real time.

Who should you show this movie to: the friend who was beaten for you

Ice hockey is one of the fastest group sports, popular in North America and Europe. Halifax, the city in the movie, is one of the birthplaces of ice hockey. In 1856, it held the first ice hockey game in the world.


Before 1905, Halifax was the base of British land and navy. During World War II, Halifax was the naval assembly and escort base of allied countries in the North Atlantic. Now it is the seat of Canadian Atlantic Fleet Command and an important naval base.

However, Halifax is famous not for ice hockey and military port, but for an explosion. On December 6, 1917, a French ammunition ship “monteblanc”, loaded with 5000 tons of ammunition and explosives, collided with a Belgian rescue ship in the Gulf. The smoke column was as high as 3000 meters, 5 square kilometers of the block was razed to the ground, a large area of Halifax was destroyed, more than 2000 people died on the spot, and more than 9000 people were injured. This is the most violent, tragic and loss of the atomic bomb in human history. It took Halifax 25 years to recover its former prosperity.

If Yao Ming is an American, can he enter the hall of fame and retire with his NBA performance?

Many fans in China have this tendency:

For Chinese players other than Yao Ming, they are generally overestimated, optimistic or even exaggerate their NBA career.

For Yao Ming, they underestimated him too much, emphasized his status as a foreign player, emphasized his international influence, and ignored him as an NBA

The extraordinary achievements of the players themselves.

Now, let’s not talk about his significance as the first foreign champion, let’s not talk about his last giant in 2002-09 when the center declined

Significance, not to talk about his media image, not to talk about his shooting touch, pace and cleverness praised by various professionals, not to talk about his injury

The first game of the 2009 Western Conference semi-final, which killed the Lakers’ two towers alone.

I only talk about his achievements as an NBA player.

Eight time all star? Some people will say it was chosen by the fans. I won’t mention it.

Career average 19 points 9.2 rebounds, this is well known, not to mention.

The per value of player’s comprehensive efficiency is 23.02, the 22nd in the history of the league. Below him are Kobe, West and Baylor.

Of course, those guys who have played for a long time will inevitably have data ups and downs, which will drag them down. But this means that Yao Ming’s comprehensive career level is


Yao Ming’s contribution value of winning every 48 minutes is 0.2001, the 21st in NBA history. Above is bird and the postman, below are Dirk and ginobi

Profit. Bottom line: as long as Yao Ming plays, he can win for the team.

NFL regular season games a team only arranges 16 games, why so few?

There is a cultural tradition that goes back to the origin of American football.

The tradition of college football

As we all know, in the middle and later period of the 19th century, American rugby had already taken shape in American colleges and universities

The foundation of NCAA is gradually modernized.

College American football has a strong academic schedule – the rugby season coincides with the September December term. Because olive

Rugby is a big event. You can ‘t study on the day of the match, so you have to put it on holiday (it is customary to put it on Saturday).

When it comes to Christmas and new year’s holidays, it’s a good time to do the playoffs (the invitation “bowl” that began in the early twentieth Century)

Light. If the school team wins the invitation to the bowl, students and alumni on vacation can drive to the warm south to watch the ball

Is it fun to travel? College football can’t expand more than two rounds of playoffs for the same reason: playoffs are too long to reach the first round

It’s two semesters, which has a great influence on the teaching order. .

So the current NCAA level football season is generally structured as follows: play training games in summer, and play six times a week after the start of school in September

Today, we play 12 regular season games in the first 13 weeks (one week is vacant), and the league championship game in the fourteenth week (only those teams divided into two districts

In the 15th week, there will be only one “America’s game” against West Point Military Academy

Naval Academy, the holiday every day, BOWL + national finals.

An analysis of the basic theory of oil painting teaching in Colleges and Universities

Although there are many new breakthroughs in education and theory in recent years, most of the oil painting teaching in art schools are basically based on subjects such as still life, plaster image, landscape, characters and so on. In the course arrangement, still life, gypsum and figures account for a large proportion, which is usually a basic learning process of more than two years. Among them, the skill training course accounts for the majority of the oil painting course, while the theory course has a relatively small share and short class time. At present, most of the oil painting courses in the major art colleges are lack of creative theory or creative practice courses, and the problem of writing graduation thesis is more worrying. Although some colleges and universities have started to use several methods to solve this problem, this situation has not been solved. In the oil painting class, the traditional classroom teaching mode has not been able to meet the needs of students, nor meet the requirements of society. In order to solve this problem, a multi-mode oil painting education theory is proposed. The multi-mode teaching promotes the renewal of educational concept, and different painting languages can be used to show the artistic charm of oil painting. Multi mode teaching usually adopts the Soviet oil painting teaching mode, which has a realistic style and a more realistic and natural creative style. From a technical point of view, when color vision is enhanced, it will become part of the Impressionism. When the color sense is weak, it may be closer to the artistic conception of classical oil painting. This method combines the sketch chromaticity and modernism technology with the basic rules of landscape oil painting structure. However, because the color does not meet the realistic requirements of modernism, but its shape is very in line with the requirements of landscape painting.

What is LeBron James’ physical fitness rating in NFL?

On the whole, LeBron’s physical fitness and NFL play are all-round horror, but when it comes to the stadium, it can’t be said to be top. LeBron is 203 cm tall and weighs about 120 kg. He claims that he can run 40 yards in 4.6 seconds and bounce 44 inches. In the NBA, it’s a perfect combination: speed, strength, height and bounce. But in NFL? The question is: where do you play in this highly divided alliance? Let’s start with one person: Super superstar across NFL and MLB, monster body Bo Jackson. It’s a super running front, 40 yards in 4.1 seconds, 185 cm tall. Compared with him, LeBron has a problem: he plays running forward, too high, and not fast enough. So you’re going to play near end? I’m sorry. The near front is made of boar. A 198cm 125kg player like gronkovski is modest; LeBron is too thin to be a near front in the NFL. Quarterback? That’s even harder. Although LeBron has enough vision and passing in the basketball court, those quarterbacks in NFL are born with computers, the king of command, strategists, etc. they can’t get out – and they waste LeBron’s good body. It’s more suitable for his position, i.e. outside taking over – this position requires a long jump speed, but it’s not a small problem for LeBron. Take over the standard size, like Randy Moss, 193cm 95kg, 40 yards to run 4.3 seconds, and extremely flexible. Compared with the standard NFL takeover, LeBron is still a bit too big.

This painting is full of details!

Recently, an oil painting called “trial” has spread rapidly on social platforms. The painting depicts a scene in which the leaders of Taiwan will one day submit a confession to the officials of mainland China on the Chinese aircraft carrier.

Trial first appeared on a microblog published by its author and microblog user @ Qiyuan Jeff holy on the 15th. The author said in the microblog that the content of the picture was not surrender, but a special court was held after the peaceful settlement. Leaders of Taiwan region submitted a confession to the presiding judge for leniency. In the next few days, the painting began to appear on domestic short video platforms, as well as social platforms such as Facebook and PTT.

The scene depicted in the painting is on the flight deck of a domestic aircraft carrier suspected of Shandong. In the most striking part of the mid view, a woman with short straight hair with Qi Er and suspected of Tsai ing Wen bows to a central government official and three PLA officers in front of her, and delivers a confession.

On the left side of the screen, under the guard of the gendarmerie, there are four political figures in Taiwan who are suspected to be members of the Democratic Progressive Party. According to the interpretation on PTT, the four are su Zhenchang, Chen Shuibian, Chen Ju and LV Xiulian.

Two key points of advertising marketing

To be honest, we didn’t pay attention to pure creative advertising for a while, because in our opinion, creativity is like an island, while strategy is like flowing water, which is separated from strategy creativity, just like a display, and can’t be reused.

Only with strategy can we connect ideas, but what is dazzling under the spotlight is often the island floating on the water.


What is good advertising? Everyone has different perspectives. In our opinion, they are as follows:

First, be able to solve business problems

We once said in “jump out of Party B’s thinking”: marketing needs to understand the business objectives of marketing, rather than simply pile up creativity.

It’s good to make a plane draft if you want to be creative, but why is it difficult to make a plane draft out of the street? Because it often can’t solve the business goal of marketing, so it becomes a kind of self-interest.

Good ads are aimed at business issues. Some ads don’t seem to be so “creative” (such as the vast majority of 2B ads), but they may be thought up by the marketing team day and night.

People who don’t know where they are may say “I can think about this kind of idea a dozen a day” disdainfully after reading it, but the difficulty of this kind of advertisement often lies not in the idea, but in figuring out what business problems to solve and how to solve them.

Second, higher input-output ratio can be obtained

The last point is about the goal, which is about the qualification.

If the budget is 1 billion yuan, it is not difficult to do marketing and advertising (at least exposure is not difficult). It is because of budget constraints that excellent advertisers can find out what channels have high ROI and what content can trigger more people’s discussion.

It’s ridiculous to talk about goals without conditions.

Club 20 focuses on ice hockey, presents youth and pays homage to Winter Olympics

The first Chinese TV series “club 20” focusing on professional ice hockey players, which was produced by Shanghai junjin Film Co., Ltd. and produced by China Ice Hockey Association as the official production guidance unit, has been officially prepared. It is expected to be broadcast in 2021 to pay homage to the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

The play tells a group of young players fighting for China’s ice hockey. It is a story of passion and inspiration in the process of youth growth and preparation for training. The story will also restore and reappear the major events in which China’s ice hockey entered the fast lane after the successful bid for the Winter Olympic Games. It aims to present the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and convey the honor and dream of China’s athletes The enterprising sports spirit.

In 2022, Beijing will hold the 24th Winter Olympic Games, which is the first time for China to host the Winter Olympic Games. In order to successfully hold this world-famous ice and snow event, the General Administration of sport of the people’s Republic of China issued the implementation outline of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports (2018-2022)”, which proposes to vigorously promote and popularize mass ice and snow sports, help build a “healthy China” and strive To achieve the goal of “promoting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”.

Smart Update Twitter: I don’t have symptoms yet, but I still need to pay attention.

March 20 according to previous reports, Celtic defender Marcus smart confirmed the new crown virus, after which he tweeted about his current situation.

“Hello, everyone. I just learned that my new coronavirus test was positive. I’m ok, I feel good, and I don’t have any symptoms. But I still want to stress that I will continue to isolate, and I hope that you wash your hands frequently and protect yourself. ” Said smart.

“I don’t have any symptoms, I feel good,” smart wrote on twitter. But it’s not a joke that the young people in our country have to be isolated. It’s selfish not to do so. We can overcome difficulties together, but we must overcome them through short-term isolation and love you!! “

“I had a new coronavirus test five days ago, and it just came out tonight. I was positive. Thankfully, I’ve been isolating myself since the test. Novel coronavirus pneumonia must be highly valued. I know this is the top priority for people’s health in our country. We must carry out more tests as soon as possible. “