You can do it directly with smar

He really hit this way. You always see someone beating Celtic people. It is this. Celtic is such a tough blood. At a glance, the 76ers are tired of fighting. That is, er, there is no way to fight. Hard and hard, not against the right fight, powerful nowhere, like headless flies, do not know how to do, right, although the client, is also an ER Er best defense best defense for a while, right, ah salech, eliassova.

It’s also very tough, right? You see, it’s not hard enough to play with Celtic.

Well, it’s not a good grade. But if you have GB Butler, you can do it directly with smart. Jimmy Butler is not going to take you players. Ah, what enbid, Simmons, poetry, don’t put your coaches in the eyes, Ross, he doesn’t put MVP in his eyes, right, here he is grass-roots players playing bareback, he is not afraid of anything, he has nothing to say, right, from such a low society to play this.

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