With these young players and draft rights

Wait a minute, or the Lakers, or the Lakers, to help this problem because there are fans who have mentioned a lot. Lakers fans, James fans, this group is very big. So let’s just say it.

Well, we know. If you make up this year, it’s not likely to be a party dance with the earthquake bureau. I think, ah, when Davis can make a deal, the rest is relatively fixed. There is no room for operation. Then, by the next year, the Lakers can take a hand. With these young players and draft rights, Jiajia cash and luxury tax at no cost.

Ah, exchange for next year. We only have all star players to discuss. Other players, we don’t have to discuss it. It’s not necessary. It’s not necessary to change the Lakers’ tired metaphor. Bill walker, I don’t talk about it. Ah, it’s not going to be in the flow. I don’t believe James can see it. So next year’s big deal is expected to be Nader, Owen, Anthony Davis can do business, one year contract can be done, and one year contract plus one year can be educated, including Thompson.

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