When their opponent is LeBron James

46.8% in his 13 year career, James has completed 11 times, sweeping since 2010, he has no hands and feet, any Eastern series, and this barrel and this dominance is still continuing, Chicago, Atlanta.

Anna and Toronto have become James’ great footnotes more than once. Even if they have a good record in the regular season, they can beat in the playoffs, and they can also beat other things in the playoffs.

But in a seven innings four win series, when their opponent was LeBron James, everything changed. After being swept for the first time in his career, Paul George reluctantly said that it was frustrating to lose to the same team or the same player all the time, with toes in the first round of the series.

But he and the Pacers always advocate the universe, and demardozan, after losing to James for two years in a row, said in despair that if our team already had a LeBron James, we could have won the same way. The Raptors lost to the Eastern Conference semi-finals after only four games.

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