When it comes to nuggets and Spurs

Will give you a chance, yes, the Spurs home you want to play to the Spurs home ah, the Spurs are very clear what they should do, two ball, take a ball, enough three to one situation you can’t turn the sky, the Spurs won’t give you three to one situation turn the sky oh, my personal impression. It seems that when the Spurs lead three to one, well, they haven’t lost the ball. It’s clear that they have lost the ball. In history, the probability of three to one leading three goals is relatively small.

Well, it may only be more than 20%. It seems that the probability of meeting the Spurs is even smaller. I don’t think I have done it in my memory. In my case, the fans are welcome to correct me. It’s true that I’ve seen too many games, too many years, and many things are forgotten. Good dream interpretation. Well, when it comes to nuggets and Spurs, it must be the next game.

We should pay great attention to it and care about it. What spurs return to home is that they won’t give nuggets. The season with the chance of being 2-0 behind, and the series with the judgment ended ahead of time. In the case of 2-0, I even believe that the Spurs can sweep away 4-0 and decide not to leave any chance. Well, the first game is very important. The Nuggets lost the ball.

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