What’s the difference between a home run and a home run?

Home run is the same as home run Run means that the attacker hits the ball out of the home base and hits the wall without going out. At this time, both the attacker and the batter can run back to the home base to score a full run. Full run means that there are all runners on the first, second and third bases. At this time, the batter blows out of the home base situation, which is a kind of home / home base hit and the situation where the attacker gets the most points in a single hit. 4 points. If the defender is 3 points ahead, the batter is knocked Home run – that situation is quite exciting – the laggard side directly surpasses It’s also a great fun in baseball. No one can predict what will happen in the future.

Home run = homerun = homerun = Redwood wave

To be honest, Homer is not a well formed term. I guess you’re talking about Homer at full base. It’s generally called a grand slam

Of course, when you say full base, it’s hard to say whether to hit an average anda is a full base hit, so as I said, there’s no full base hit.

Home run and home run are two concepts. If there is no one on the base, blow the ball out of the wall, and the hitter sneaks back to home base to get a point, also known as Yangchun cannon.

If base 1, base 2, base 3 are all on your side, and you have another home run, the four wave and head up back to base. Four points is the home run, also known as the Grand Slam.