Wade and James get together and leave lightning

Mr. Jian Feng is also the first in history, 31800 plus 8800 plus 8000. He takes the initiative to appreciate it. The fifth thing about another soldier is added on the spot.

The top ten gangsters in Chinese history, the first one is a fake Mr. sanshuang. It’s also a record and a relatively sensational thing. It’s the all star game.

A major reform has come. The central and western team leaders have chosen their own team members to play games. For the first time, I have broken the restrictions of the East and the West. I am angry with you. After the reform of the competition system, many people feel very happy. I am one of them.

Back to back, the season played three doubles per game, called super Europe to set the NBA record, the first person to land in history. In the eighth session, the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame officially announced that kidnash Grant Hill and Ray Allen were selected in 2018. The last episode of the hall of fame, that is, the first ball, is about love. Wade and James get together and leave lightning again.

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