Torres’s counter attack and goal is a one-stop process. Is this kind of forward the most frightening for defenders?

This question is more interesting. I think of a sentence from Nesta. He said he hated defending two strikers. The first one was Ronaldo. The reason is well known. The other one is Jiuye, the man who lives on the offside line forever. The first is that you try to do everything well, but you still can’t stop him. In the history of football, those who can achieve this by themselves can be called the king of football. Such as Bailey and old horse, such as Darrow, such as the current controversial president and Messi. There may be a lot of controversies about Messi, but I think Boateng agrees. It’s also controversial to say that the president is the king of the ball. Simone used to cover his crotch and sneered, and then was slapped. But it doesn’t matter to me. I’m Henry anyway.

As Terry said to Henry, “he’s a Silent Assassin, the last striker I want to face.” Loser explodes the sky’s starting speed, eats you raw directly. After that, use the left foot bow to gently push a far corner, natural and unrestrained, freehand. Turn around and look back. It’s Zanetti’s back. What kind of player does Torres belong to? In the Liverpool era, he scored a lot of goals, but the defenders will think, if I do a little better, can I stop the attack? This is not only Torres, most of the forward, are of this level. Although I’m not as good as you, I’ll try harder to keep up with you. With the support of my teammates, I can stop you from scoring. It’s a pity that most of the time it’s a failure to work hard.