They want to be very good

Celtic team is a blood lesson, you want, west wind out of control completely no problem, he can pass the ball can rebound, right, can break through, but he didn’t shoot opponent area joint defense, as long as the cooperative defense is better, right, position, stand steady, basically, you don’t have room to break through.

Celtic, like you, limit your hand beyond the three-point line, you confirm that you can’t even throw in the middle and long distance, threaten you with peace talks. If you are a point guard, you must have projection ability. If you don’t have projection ability, you must have strong breakthrough ability. That’s what we say. There is no power in it. Three wonderful flowers, ah, two wonderful flowers, are actually two wonderful flowers.

One wonderful flower is Rondo, and the other is reading and comparing. These two players have no projection ability, but they can still have a foothold in the league. Why do point guards have a foothold in the league? Because of their boat. They want to be very good. Their passing is very smart. Rubio has the ability of first-hand defense. That’s why they can have a foothold in the mausoleum. Moreover, they were born in the position of point guard. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say when I answer the phone.

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