They have won the ball in recent years and played very well

Now, around the change of the playing method, ah, the thunder is also in the winning stage. It doesn’t matter that they lost a game in front of them. Er, they have won the ball in recent years and played very well. Paul George is also very brave. According to the statistics, Paul George is a professional this season.

Well, all kinds of new records, such as scoring, the percentage of hits, rebounds, assists and so on. A lot of data can reveal that Paul George is now at the peak of his career. There is one. What’s striking is that Paul George, er, this year’s average of 25 games per game is still the highest in his career. I really don’t have the impression. Just like Paul George, he didn’t get an average of 25 games per game.

Well, it’s a very strange thing, so you can see. It’s hard for the League to get 20 plus 25 players per game. The former League also broadcast about 20 players per game live. It’s very rare. Well, the key point is this, but we put forward higher requirements for Paul George.

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