Then Covington’s joining is definitely adding a heavy weight to the victory side

This critical moment is so impressive, because the Blazers scored high scores in many games, but also very close to this victory. If the scale of their victory is a 550, then Covington’s participation is definitely a heavy weight on the victory side.

In fact, there should be a gap between the Blazers and the first tier teams in the west, such as the Lakers and the Clippers. It’s still a little difficult to get into the first tier. But this deal made the second tier teams in the west a little flustered. Last season, they played well, the Nuggets.

It’s the team of team T. now I find that there is another pioneer around me who wants to join this level. In addition, the warrior who met Cray’s big business. Originally, the warrior thought that he could go to the first echelon to steam. Now the warrior must accept that he can be very happy in the second level.

But considering the pioneers of the second echelon, the lineup has been strengthened again. But in fact, the competition in the west next season, especially for three to six, and three to seven places, will be very fierce. So we talked about the rocket deal, ah, a lot of it was big Hu harden.

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