The world of an advertiser

After reading a advertiser’s Jianghu (1): the end and the beginning

At this stage, after reading such a book, I have to express myself.

Today, I received a call from my colleagues, which should be more accurate. I know on the other end of the phone, she must be depressed to a certain extent before calling. So, let her cry and clap. Although I’ve been away from the company for 4 days, I know that if I’m still there, it must be the two of us slapping in another way.

Every project is the same process, which can be summarized in a word. After listening to it, the outsiders didn’t understand what was bothering AE. But I think I’m the only one in the whole company who understands her. My mother said that if there’s any problem, I’ll appeal and tell the boss that I can’t send it to the client now. If XX is delayed, what can I do.

At that time, I waved the book and pointed to the cover and said, “this is not the solution. Advertisers should not solve this problem in this way.”.

Have a good laugh. My mother should also listen to the cloud and fog.

Leaving, I occasionally think about whether I don’t have the courage to bear more. Even though, I know that objective factors account for more. But it’s impossible to blame others for every choice.

I really want to recommend this book to old Joe. In many places, the status quo of China’s companies is in one stroke. I wonder what he’s thinking? What should I do when I understand that the problem is very serious but I don’t deal with it head-on?