The possibility of going to New York

Blue is impossible now. The possibility of going to New York, ah, has become very small. So the third hall in New York, ah, is very important. New York now operates with two hands. The first hand operation is that Durant Anthony Davis and Owen form the big three to fight for the championship. The second way is to use this number three. Take good care of this. Line 3 is the basic reconstruction and infrastructure of the team. Instead of taking the giants to win the championship, it starts from the young players in the team. You have to use the experience to understand this set.

Next year, you will use the one with millions of players and then the one with 76 players. Next year, you will follow the one with Prynne and then the bottom. Which two, the high ranking draft, the right, to do the team’s infrastructure construction, to make achievements in three or five years, as a long-term plan, rather than group the big three to take the time combat effectiveness to attack the championship, the two hand preparation, the Laker team now can’t provide for Anthony Davis.

Before the 4th, before the 4th, we said that the 4th sign is used to trade the Raptors, the quantity of the 4th sign plus pants, these two, delicious, can the 4th sign plus pants? Ah, these two transactions, this transaction, the framework, is for, learned bird clause is for Liang Na.

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