The Golden Knights are killing

Wonderful review

After the opening of the first quarter, the golden Cavaliers were mainly against visitors. In 2 minutes and 10 seconds, Daniel Carr took a cross pass from teammate Thomas nosek and put the ball into the goal, taking the lead 1-0. Five minutes and 20 seconds, the Black Hawk also scored a goal, but was sent off offside first, the goal was invalid. In 12 minutes and 14 seconds, Alex Tucker scored another goal in front of the door when he got the black guard out of the blue line. Blackhawks were scored two goals in the first 10 minutes, as if they were stunned, and the scene was out of control. At 16:14, Cody Higgins took the backhand pass of the new Canadians’ Captain Max pachauretti and waved the ball to the empty goal. At the end of the first quarter, the Golden Knight led the Black Hawk 3-0.

Just 29 seconds into the second quarter, the Blackhawks quickly scored a goal. Gustav Forsyth pulled up before the blue line. The ball hit the gold Cavaliers forward Carlson’s club and went straight into the top corner of the goal. The lightning goal helped the Black Hawk break the egg. In 5:22, Patrick Kane, the monkey king of Blackhawks, was fined 2 minutes for a high shot foul. The golden Cavaliers seized the chance to play more and less, and William Carlson played the goal in the competition area. Blackhawk goalkeeper Crawford’s vision was completely blocked, unable to prevent the ball from flying into the net, and the golden Cavaliers expanded the score advantage to three goals again. In 11 minutes and 16 seconds, Dylan stoke scored on behalf of his new team in the first game. He was quick in front of the goal and sent the uncontrolled ball into the empty goal. The score changed to 4-2. Black Hawk is less than 2 minutes happy, 13 minutes 16 seconds, the golden Cavaliers in the attack area for the ball success, veteran Derek England scored his first goal of the season, the score 5-2. Six seconds before the end of the second quarter, Shea Theodore succeeded in shooting before the whistle, scoring a wonderful goal, turning the score into 6-2.