The fourth place in the first round was selected by the Toronto Raptors

Good evening, dear friends. Today’s quality will be followed by the content of the last issue to continue to introduce an NBA star. Today’s star has not stood in the NBA arena for more than a year. In 1617 season, the defending division Cavaliers played more and more stable warriors. This move made the head running in more and more successful. Why did I brush three pairs of rockets? I was also ready to go.

Farmers and examinees over there also wanted to dissolve the group, but at that time, all the ups and downs of the alliance seemed to have nothing to do with this person. Once upon a time, it was a high-quality student majoring in programming. For the sake of basketball in my heart, I stood in the draft meeting of the golden generation in 2003, and was selected by the Toronto Raptors in the fourth place in the first round. After that, he started his seven-year Dragon King life.

Rookies average 11.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, 1.41 blocks, rebounds and blocks, are the first rookies in the league. In the following year, with Carter’s principle, bosh officially became the core of the team. Qi was selected as the all star in 0506 season, which is the third all star in the history of raptors. In 0607 season, he has become a real super player, averaging 22.6 points and 10.7 rebounds per game.

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