The 25th is the first time to start

What to do, right? There are a lot of things to do. Er, I have a look at the final sprint stage. The 25th is the first time to start. Ah, then the harden fans have to hurry up and throw. If they don’t escape, they won’t be able to get in. Yesterday. Update a program, um, that is to say, my personal opinion, ah, so my personal opinion is almost the same.

In this way, according to the current ranking, election, well, if you want to follow up, I don’t think it’s very likely that there is no special event, um, because, um, the fans will not vote because. Ah, this, this, star, just a little bit short of the vote, right? Every day, it’s just a little bit, it can only steal so much. You can’t go back to school, right?

Tomorrow in the street, right? Then Durant fans will vote again, right? Paul George will vote again. Right, James fans, when they stand on the opposite side of Durant, they will vote again, right? Well, so we have to catch up, that is, unless there are some special events, what’s the threshold of Durant these days, right? Pull some neutral votes. Well, the key is the votes on both sides of the neutral votes.

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