Rookies, who makes more money in NFL and NBA?

The NFL draft is in full swing, and there are endless introductions about players and teams. Today, let’s talk about salary.

Indeed, rookie contracts can be said to be the “first barrel of gold” in most professional players’ lives. With the increase of income of major sports leagues in North America, the salary level of professional players is also rising, so is rookie players.

North American Sports League salaries are often linked to league revenues. As the most concerned local sports organization among the four major professional sports leagues in North America, NFL’s total revenue in recent years has exceeded 13 billion US dollars. NBA is only the third most popular professional sports league in the United States. The total annual revenue of NBA is only about half of that of NFL.

However, in terms of salary, the average salary of NBA players has been rising rapidly in recent years, far away from the average salary level of NFL players, and even surpassed the MLB with the title of “the best player welfare in North America”, firmly occupying the first place. There are many reasons behind this. The small number of NBA players is one of them.

These days, the 2019 NFL Draft conference is in full swing in Nashville, Tennessee. After years of hard work and experience, all the young players will finally stand on their own “stage”.

Here, let’s review how many rookie contracts have been signed by the top three players in the past three draft conferences of NFL and NBA, and see the behind the scenes stories of each major league in comparison.

NFL rookie revenue

The NFL League requires rookie players to have no more than four years of contract, but players selected in the first round can sign a “4 + 1” contract with the team, the fifth year of which is “team options”.