Psychological concept: control what happens

Control is the core and the most motivating goal. Control means making behavior happen or not happen – initiating it, maintaining it, stopping it, and influencing its form, intensity, or incidence. If an explanation of the causes of behavior can create conditions for controlling behavior, then the explanation is persuasive.

The ability to control behavior is important because it provides psychology with ways to help people improve their quality of life.

Psychologists usually use scientific methods to draw conclusions on individual behavior and psychological process. Psychologists have several goals: to describe behaviors objectively at an appropriate level, to explain the causes of behaviors, to predict when behaviors will occur, and to control behaviors to improve the quality of life.

People’s behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind. If the advertisement can go deep into the consumer’s life scene and become one of the elements in life, then the product has been successful. Nowadays, smart phones, wechat, etc. have entered the life of ordinary people. Once such brands are recognized, it is difficult to leave the life of consumers.

So the best advertisement is to let consumers see that they don’t hate it. In the long run, after consumers get used to it, the subtle effect of advertisement will be produced, which is a successful advertisement.