Played a high score high rebound25

Who can get it, then it is a, the veteran is also a, Bao now? It is a bit of a loss to eat his big contract of 250028million. So, I think Gasol stays in Conley and stays in the Grizzlies. Yes, the probability is very high.

Sell, don’t drop it. Unless, you can use bad contracts to replace a hole. There are other possibilities. Now, the inner line of the alliance, the technical school, Mr. Yue, was before. There are friends, and maybe I think that, Mr. Wei Le is not happy and so on. Of course, there are sugar and other things. The packing is not so bad.

Ah, there is a netizen. He said, “Oh, these fans, this is for you, and I won’t admit NB.”. I think this ability, speaking of this today, I want to praise Tang Shi. Ah, today, played a high score high rebound25, is it 156 rebounds? High score high rebounds are good. Do you hear that very well? We, ah slander, he belittles him.