Field Hockey Slogans & Sayings iron on transfer for T-Shirts

Field Hockey Slogans Sayings

Autumn is upon us once again, which means its time for fall sports in schools, clubs, and leagues around the country. So we’ve put together a list of different fall sports slogans & sayings, just for you!

This time it’s field hockey slogans for all you field hockey players out there. They’re great additions for your field hockey t-shirts and sweatshirts, and we hope they inspire you or just make you laugh.

Our 9 Creative Field Hockey Slogans & Sayings

Don’t let the skirts fool you…

If you can’t play nice, play field hockey.

Sports with shorts can kiss our kilts.

Eat sleep play field hockey.

Stick it to ’em.

You can hit on us, but you can’t score!

We are more than just chicks with sticks.

Keep calm and fhockey on.

Our blood. Our sweat. Your tears.

Athletic Styles for a FIT New Year iron on sticker

So now that we’ve all stuffed our faces and bellies full of the wonderful foods that the holidays bring, I want to be among the first to remind you that 2011 is here. And if you’re anything like me or about a bajillion other people out there, then one of your new year’s resolutions is to take responsibility for endless holiday eating and head back to the gym. And while that sounds about as exhilarating as taking down the gobs of decorations it took you days to put up, I hope that we at IronOnSticker can make it much less painful.

So grab your tennies, your music player of choice and get ready to be the inspiration leader for your group of workout buddies (who are just as “excited” to get back to the gym as you are) with these great athletic styles:

Adidas 3-Stripe T-Shirts

Adidas Three Stripe Performance T

All day I dream about…stuffing?! Not anymore. Look extra cool as you make your way down the indoor soccer field with this great pick. This Adidas t-shirt is available in 5 color combinations and features Adidas’ signature 3 stripes across the shoulders and a logo on the left, bottom hem. With 100% moisture-wicking properties, this shirt will keep you feeling cool as you work off that third piece of pumpkin pie.


Badger B-Dry Long Sleeve Performance T

For those motivated enough to burn calories while braving the great outdoors, the Badger B-Dry Long Sleeve Performance T will keep you moving even in cooler weather. No sweating the…sweat (sorry I couldn’t help it)…with Badger’s quick-drying, anti-microbial material to help you stay dry and, let’s be honest, less pungent. Believe me, your running club will thank you.

Champion Ladies V-Neck Performance T

And for the ladies ready to take on the scale…eeek…there’s always the Champion Ladies V-Neck Performance T. With a true-to-size ladies fit, this feminine yet sporty shirt will help get the women in your group ready to face that new year’s resolution in style. One hundred percent moisture-wicking polyester let’s you look AND feel good.

Badger B-Dry Performance Raglan

So maybe you’re not the type to hit the ground running January 1st. However, it’s never too early to start thinking about the Spring sports season. This is the perfect style for any game-winning (hopefully) softball team. This short-sleeved raglan shirt comes in 6 color combinations and will be sure to get your team psyched for the upcoming season. And don’t wait until the week before the game to get geared up – get your shirts now and inspire early…and perhaps much needed…practice sessions.

Bring On The Brights With Neon Shirts

You know the saying, “What goes around, comes around?” So very true when it comes to neon! These brightly colored hues have come buzzing back from the 80’s and are here to stay. This modern twist on neon may be much less offensive than the Hammer pants, hyper colored T’s, and Jams that were hot back in the day…but is still equally as rad.

Neon has been popping up everywhere in classic highlighter shades – from apparel to bold accessories. Try your design on neon t-shirts (t shirt logo iron on transfer) or neon hoodies and be sure to grab everyone’s attention within a 5 mile radius! If wearing neon is a little more than your eyes can handle, you can still show your style by going with a more subtle splash of color and adding your design to create custom neon cups. Just another great way to take advantage of this electrifying trend!

Fleece for Fall

Nothing sounds as good as a fleece for cozying up under those Friday Night Lights or at the annual family and friends pumpkin picking. Get comfy in new looks from Charles River and Devon & Jones this Fall!

We can see it now—you’ve just finished up some team bonding at the local corn maze and now your team (team iron on decal) is warming up by the fire with a hot cup of cider. What are you wearing? Charles River Quarter Zip Sweater Fleece Pullovers, of course! Available in Ladies as well.

These Devon & Jones Full-Zip Sweater Fleece Jackets are just what your company needs to feel reinvigorated for the Fall season. Just add your company logo for the perfect polished look. We are really digging the Ladies color choices—especially the Burgundy Heather (featured above)!

Famous Italian Sayings, Phrases, and Quotes

Are you looking for a quote, phrase, or saying in Italian? We’ve compiled a list of many famous ones from poets, proverbs, actors, and even those used by Italians and Italian-Americans in every day speech. And we’ve included both the Italian and English versions for you as well. Feel free to use them on a t-shirt design, for a piece of writing, or however you wish.

Italian Phrases & Sayings and Their English Translations

A caval donato non si guarda in bocca. – Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

A chi fa male, mai mancano scuse. – He who does evil, is never short of an excuse.

Aiutati che Dio t’aiuta. – Help yourself and God will help you.

Belle parole non pascon i gatti. – Fine words don’t feed cats.

Chi dorme non piglia pesci – Those who sleep don’t catch any fish.

Cuando l’amico chiede, non v’è domani. – When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.

Il dolce far niente. – It is sweet doing nothing.

L’amore è cieco – Love is blind.

L’amore vince sempre – Love conquers all.

La vita è un sogno – Life is a dream.

La semplicità è l’ultima sofisticazione – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
-Leonardo Da Vinci

Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto. – Eat well, laugh often, love much.

Noi non potemo avere perfetta vita senza amici – We cannot have a perfect life without friends.

Non puoi insegnare niente a un uomo. Puoi solo aiutarlo a scoprire ciò che ha dentro di sé – You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help find it within himself.
-Galileo Galilei

Nulla nuova, buona nuova. – No news is good news.

Quando finisce la partita il re ed il pedone finiscono nella stessa scatola. -When you finish the game, the king and pawn end up in the same box.

Se non hai mai pianto, i tuoi occhi non possono essere belli. – If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful.
-Sophia Loren

Una cena senza vino e come un giorno senza sole – A meal without wine is a day without sunshine.

Manufacturers guide for custom apparel production

Someone came up with this idea to do an article from a manufacturers perspective. I have been doing custom manufacuring for over 4 years and will discuss what I think are important issues when deciding to get your private clothing line custom made.

I do not claim to know everything, so by all means, if anyone would like to add, let me know.

First, let’s discuss what information is needed by a manufacture:
· Type of garment (t-shirt, hoodie, pants…etc.)
· Fabric content (cotton, poly, bamboo…..etc.)
· Weight (in GSM please! If you don’t know, ask!)
· Washes, treatments, finishing (please know the name of the treatments you need or have pictures. Sometimes it’s best to send a sample of what you want to be accurate when producing)
· Size and measurement chart (if you don’t have one, sending a sample and having sizes graded is the best method, especially if you don’t know how to take measurements)
· Pantone color codes for dying fabrics
· Quantities chart by color, size, cut and design is best. Honesty is best- be up front about your specific needs. Some manufacturers are set up for small orders so they have ways to reduce costs. Some manufacturers are set up for large orders and if they take your small order, they may be too booked to take your next small run.
· An artwork tech pack- which can include mock ups (or print files) of each design, how it should be printed, colors, design size and any other info you can think of that is important in achieving the desired look.
· Artwork files for prints, labels, and hangtags. You should always ask if you are not sure what you should put on your labels.

Next, I am going to give you a guided tour into the world of custom manufacturing…… from start to finish! (I will edit this article to include this section when I have all the photos put together.)

Keeping a clean shop

New to screen printing or looking to streamline your operations? Before I worked on Printavo, I ran a small shop in Champaign, IL. As a small shop operator, I found out the hard way that keeping a clean and organized shop was essential to being successful. By minimizing waste I found that I was able to maximize profits and productivity.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of screen printing is cleaning up ink (custom iron on logos). Let’s face it–it’s not very fun. These are a few things I have done in my shop to reduce the mess in handling ink.

Taking the time to set up a proper ink cabinet saved me loads of time and frustration. By lining the ink shelves with newspaper it prevented ink from touching the actual surface of the shelves and in the event of a drip or spill I would simply throw the newspaper away and replace it with fresh newspaper. Since old newspapers are free and easy to come by, I reaped the benefits of easy cleanup at no cost. With the shelves now protected by newspaper, I took a few minutes to ensure all ink containers were clearly labeled and wiped clean of any ink. Paying special attention to where the lid met the container as well as the bottom. I also discovered stacking ink containers directly on top of one another lead to more than a few disasters.

Before I start my print jobs and handle ink, I always put on an old XXXL tee on over my clothes. When handling ink I always make sure to wear vinyl gloves. These are available at most big box stores in bulk for a low price. In our shop, we keep vinyl gloves next to our ink storage and at our ink handling station. We also keep a stack of newspapers by the handling station and always lay a few out on the table before handling ink. In the inevitable event that ink drips or spills, clean up is quick and easy. We also place high absorption shop rags or recycled old, unusable tees at both the storage rack and handling table for easy access in case of a spill. Shop rags and tees tend to be more absorptive and soak up the ink much better than cheap paper towels that just smear the ink around.

When it comes to handling and storing of ink you can never be too vigilant. Even if you employ all the suggestions above you can still end up with a mess on your hands, whether it be knocking over a container or transferring a small spot from your arm to a couple of tees in production. However, I’ve found that taking these steps can dramatically reduce waste, increase production, and keep things around the shop as clean as it can be. Hopefully implementing these tips in your shop will help save you some time, money, and possibly your sanity.

Selling Customized T-shirts: How to Sell Old Wine in A New Bottle?

It’s difficult to put in innovative thoughts to some products (iron on stickers)that had been repetitive since the beginning of time, or at least, from the time they were discovered or out into use. And you will promptly catch our point if you had been in the t-shirt selling business which offers a very limited variety as compared to other apparels.

But your business might face a brunt if you offer same things every day, and no, customers don’t understand the monotony that you do while selecting your product range. If you are into the customized t-shirts business, you probably already have t-shirt design software. So, in this blog, we will just discuss how you can put into a better use by offering inventive products to your customers:

Offer Embroidered T-shirts

The age old art of embroidery is never out of fashion. Moreover, with people being more open to experimental clothing it’s a great scheme to offer embroidered t-shirts to your customers. You don’t need to get another tool, for your Magento t-shirt designer should be enough for taking up orders. Your customers just need to print the design using the software and you get it embroidered. If you can source it, you can also give out an option to go for either machine or hand embroidery.

Infuse the Pop Culture

Don’t blindly adopt the motivational quotes and conventional designs to your templates and already designed shirts. Be an aware businessman and take note over what’s driving the world crazy at the moment. It can be song lyrics; it can be a daily show character, a meme that’s trending, or even a political parody. Anything that’s popular and gets to the tee increases its selling value. The more the fan base, the more your sales. Just keep a track of social media platforms to notice the trends, cool task, isn’t it?

Experiment with the Anatomy

T-shirts for a long time had been just round necks and polo collars. But as already mentioned, you need more to satiate the fashion needs of the contemporary experimental generation. Add canvas more options to your online clothing design tool. You can add long t-shirts which are quite trendy with girls and women these days. Different necklines can also be tried out. For unisex tees, you can add mandarin collars or just add into the cool factor by offering customized ripped t-shirts and see how it sells like hotcakes!

The key to success in the apparel industry is constant innovation. Even though t-shirts (t shirts iron on transfer)are popular the way they are, you can’t depend just on them and satisfied with whatever you are receiving. The sales graph of your store needs to show progress. And for now, we are positive that the above suggestions would help revamp your t-shirt store to pull manifold customers and your sales jumping. Cheers!

New! Hockey Puck Labels on

Hockey season is fast approaching, and to commemorate one of our favorite sports, we have added a new line of custom stickers to We call these our Hockey Puck Stickers. 

The hockey puck labels are made with our regular white vinyl material. This means they will have great colour reproduction, and a great adhesive. They are waterproof and UV resistant so you can continue to use the puck in games. The templates are pre-set to fit perfectly on a regulation size hockey puck, so all you need to do is choose from our various artwork or design your own labels.

We are sure the possibilities and creative ideas are already flowing through your head, but here are some other great ideas on what you can do with hockey puck labels:

1) Party favours. Hosting a birthday party for your hockey playing kid? These make great party favours that guests can use again and again.

2) Groomsmen gifts. Are all of your groomsmen hockey players too? Customize the pucks with each groomsman’s name and the date of your bachelor party. 

3) Team Pucks. Part of a community hockey team, or a player for the school team? You can design your team pucks with your name and mascot on them. Perfect for home games.

4) Prizes or awards. Running an awards ceremony and need a cool (yet affordable) item you can give away? Design your own puck labels specific to the awards ceremony or event and then buy a pack of blank pucks. Its fast and easy.

5) Special gift. Make a set of labels that each say something different, such as “First Game”, “First Goal”, “First Championship”, and any other firsts you may want to include. Stick these labels on the pucks from each game when that first occurred. Get the set of pucks mounted and framed and give them to your child years later. Super sentimental.

How to Remove Stickers from a

Did you just buy a new laptop or other device, only to find it covered in unattractive stickers?. Time to remove those stickers and free your hardware from its role as a traveling advertisement.

1. Make sure this laptop isn’t too old. The stickers will dry up, and over time, the glue backing will separate from the printed material. If you decide to remove the stickers, do it quickly. The stickers are not going to stay fresh for more than a year or two, depending upon its quality. If your laptop is a relic, skip to the very last step to use a chemical removal method.

2. Decide which stickers to remove. Some stickers are useful, such as OEM licensing stickers that will be void when removed. Others may contain serial numbers, service tags, support information, or systems specifications. Commonly removed stickers include ones promoting the Windows operating system (ie: “Designed for Windows XP” and “Windows Vista Capable”), as well as Intel and AMD CPU stickers.nhl stickers

3. Remember to do this slowly. If you rush it and try to pull the whole thing off at once, you run the risk of tearing the sticker or separating the glue backing.

4. Start from the edges. Use your fingernails or a non-abrasive abrasive putty knife. Be careful not to scratch or damage any plastic or aluminum surfaces in the process.

5. Pull the sticker up slowly from the edge you just started. Try to pull it up using an angle between 45 and 90 degrees. Never bend the sticker back further than a 90 degree angle, as this will promote the separation of the glue backing and printed material.

6. Clean the surface. Some sticker residue may be rubbed off easily, while some require additional help. As always, avoid scratching the surface.

First, try rubbing off the remaining residue by hand. Many forms of glue, even when mixed with a little paper, will curl up onto itself when moved over a surface.

Second, if rubbing doesn’t help, try using duct tape or other very sticky tape to remove the remaining residue. Break or cut off a piece of tape, apply it to the surface, then remove it or, if possible, simply rub the sticky surface of the tape over the residue. Repeat this until all of the residue has been removed, and attached to the tape instead.

Third, apply a small amount of cooking oil, such as canola or olive oils to the adhesive with a paper towel. Allow the oil to sit on the adhesive for site 2-5 minutes. The adhesive should now easily scrape off with your finger or a soft plastic tool. Using window cleaner, such as Windex, and a clean paper towel clean the remaining oil and adhesive off.

Fourth, if all previous attempts fail, use chemicals. A popular and extremely useful method is to use a citric-acid based cleaner such as “Goo-Gone”. These types of cleaners will not harm metal or harder plastics, but may dry the surface of softer plastics, leaving a white, frosted appearance. Test this on a small, hidden area first. Another liquid to try is alcohol (try spraying a small amount of your deodorant or perfume, if that is handy). Aerosol furniture polish, like Old English, can be very effective. Another is WD-40 which won’t hurt the surface and can be cleaned off the computer’s surface with a dish rag and a little soap.

7. A product called “Odor Assassin” (Lemon-Lime Scent) that is available at most “dollar” and discount stores will dissolve most adhesives instantly and can be removed with a clean cotton face cloth.


  • If your laptop sticker has one or more rounded corners, start peeling it from a rounded corner. If you come to an area where it starts to separate, start over from another edge.
  • Patience conquers all stickers. Always go slow and steady on sticker removal. If it’s not working and you’re getting frustrated, leave it for another day when you have more patience.
  • Try to use tools that won’t damage your laptop. Your fingernails, erasers, plastic putty knives, plastic guitar picks, no-stick spatula/pancake flipper, and even tweezers (used carefully) will pose the smallest threat to your laptop’s surfaces.


  • Heat from a laptop increases the bond of some glue backings over time. This bond may etch into painted surfaces or even stain some plastics and brushed aluminum.
  • Don’t remove any stickers with OEM license information, as it will void some OEM licenses.
  • Sharp or hard objects will damage laptop surfaces if used to scrape off stickers. car art stickers
  • Avoid spilling any liquid into the cracks or exposed area of a laptop, such as the keyboard. Some liquid is conductive and may cause electrical shorts.
  • Before following this process, ensure that the laptop power is turned off, and unplugged from any electrical source. If possible, remove the laptop battery from the case as well.

Things You’ll Need

  • Tweezers for stickers that are difficult to start.

  • Cleaning solution such as alcohol or “Goo-Gone”.

  • Paper towels, napkins, or rags to use with the cleaning solution.

  • Tape, such as duct tape, to help remove residue.