Wade and James get together and leave lightning

Mr. Jian Feng is also the first in history, 31800 plus 8800 plus 8000. He takes the initiative to appreciate it. The fifth thing about another soldier is added on the spot.

The top ten gangsters in Chinese history, the first one is a fake Mr. sanshuang. It’s also a record and a relatively sensational thing. It’s the all star game.

A major reform has come. The central and western team leaders have chosen their own team members to play games. For the first time, I have broken the restrictions of the East and the West. I am angry with you. After the reform of the competition system, many people feel very happy. I am one of them.

Back to back, the season played three doubles per game, called super Europe to set the NBA record, the first person to land in history. In the eighth session, the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame officially announced that kidnash Grant Hill and Ray Allen were selected in 2018. The last episode of the hall of fame, that is, the first ball, is about love. Wade and James get together and leave lightning again.

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The fourth place in the first round was selected by the Toronto Raptors

Good evening, dear friends. Today’s quality will be followed by the content of the last issue to continue to introduce an NBA star. Today’s star has not stood in the NBA arena for more than a year. In 1617 season, the defending division Cavaliers played more and more stable warriors. This move made the head running in more and more successful. Why did I brush three pairs of rockets? I was also ready to go.

Farmers and examinees over there also wanted to dissolve the group, but at that time, all the ups and downs of the alliance seemed to have nothing to do with this person. Once upon a time, it was a high-quality student majoring in programming. For the sake of basketball in my heart, I stood in the draft meeting of the golden generation in 2003, and was selected by the Toronto Raptors in the fourth place in the first round. After that, he started his seven-year Dragon King life.

Rookies average 11.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, 1.41 blocks, rebounds and blocks, are the first rookies in the league. In the following year, with Carter’s principle, bosh officially became the core of the team. Qi was selected as the all star in 0506 season, which is the third all star in the history of raptors. In 0607 season, he has become a real super player, averaging 22.6 points and 10.7 rebounds per game.

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Caruso had too many fouls in the second half

Caruso’s second half fouls may be one of the reasons Rondo played 25 minutes. This is his first game in half a year. But even if he gives five or six minutes to Caruso, Rondo will play for about 20 minutes. For a person who has not played for a long time, this time is too much.

It seems that Rondo’s playing time is not the main reason for the Laker’s fiasco. In addition, Jamie has no help in the attack. The main reason is that they don’t have much help in defense. The special forces who attack the small lineup dance on the edge of the knife every day. They live today, but not tomorrow. They are so timid as to walk on thin ice. Hardenway, Gordon young and tucker as the core of the lineup play very focused, defense is also very perfect.

So what aspects of the Lakers defense is not good, I summed up, there are a few points. First, Green’s outside line is too bad, second, the pants position is not clear, the breakthrough from the outside is too slow, and third, the rebounds are not fierce enough. Look how Tucker snatched the rockets. There is no center forward tactics, but there are a lot of outside line one-on-one with them In the game, the quality of one-on-one defense on the outside is very important. It’s not only against Hadden, but also against Wesley Gordon and livres.

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Become a good knight, lead ten times in the fourth quarter

After a ten point lead in the fourth quarter, James is still blocking the block. The pain on the backboard should be unclear. The Laker still surpasses the score when Davis or James is resting. The first credit is that he has won over many people. He doesn’t like monopoly and legend.

However, the three-point is really not allowed, so anyone who plays with the Lakers will empty it, but Rondo at the end of the third quarter has actually shown that he is not very general outside the three-point line, a bit like Kobe, with good defense, Longbo’s organizational ability can be fully played, Rondo and Caruso’s offer for wechat business directly causes him to pass the ball.

After being robbed by James, he launched a fast attack with Rondo and kuyta, and Rondo guided and passed it to James, who was misplaced under the basket. After Lianjin even scored two three points, Longbo weasel and kuomina gave harden a long and lay up. In two minutes and 57 seconds, Rondo scored eight points.

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This may be the day the center felt offline

Because it’s really bad, but he’s always watched by Murray when he defends. After the Denver Nuggets counter overtake, coach rivers changed him out of the court. However, Khalil stayed on the field until Murray was on the pitch. The advantage of three-point decision was extended to six points. It took a little time to replace Hadd with 1:24 left in the third quarter.

It was only 5:48 left in the third quarter before he was replaced. The clippers were 13 points ahead when he came on stage, and was six points behind when he left the court. That is to say, he experienced a 19 minute reversal in seven and a half minutes. Rivers watched those who suffered losses, but did not replace zubbats in time.

This may be because the center felt that he was not playing online. He had only five points for two out of eight shots in 32 minutes, which can’t be compared with the first game. However, in fact, the Clippers won the nuggets by five points in the 32 minutes of zubartz’s presence. Therefore, sometimes, don’t trust the data, but trust intuition. You are not the game. Another questionable employment point is the last time.

In the fourth episode, the Clippers ran after six points in 1:35 seconds in Episode 4, which was only two points short. In order to make the outside line have more projection points, the barber sent them during the attack. Reed’s decision made the Clippers pay the price of at least one fight. Luwei covered Liang Nader outside the three-point line.

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He’s the brain of the Nuggets, a very important person

Howard played a total of 20 people in the playoffs, a total of 102 games. Joachi played a total of four people. Although he played seven games in each round, the total was only 28 Games. So, ah, jockey was teased into an early demonstration by Howard. In the first three quarters, lunch, oh, no wonder.

Because of the second round ahead of schedule, how to solve the problem has aroused more and more intriguing. Vogel’s strategy is to make full use of the three centers, reserve, McCarthy, starting, Davis small lineup and Howard to completely disrupt the rhythm of menstrual period. He is a gold digger, and one of the most important things in his brain is to dig for gold.

Do you play the game? Dragon Island Gen Mulei complains that they foul too much. In the first quarter, both sides were fined, eight times, and in the second quarter, the Lakers were fined, 24 times menopause or 8 times. Then the referee, can’t be too much? But a Nuggets reporter tweeted that he said that we played too bad and even had the qualification to complain.

We can see the five fouls in the menstrual period. How did they come? The first time, from 5:30 in the first quarter, the instruments were all in the room, Davis broke the foul. He, this ball was a very obvious foul, the second time was 7:51 in the second quarter, about the cover fouls, because he knocked down carluso.

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Celtic don’t have a great service line

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In fact, in the first three rounds, the Lakers were more cautious. David’s and James’s pick and roll frequency was not high. In order to keep up with them, the heat may not dare to use ollinick or big board Liang Nader to match the rotation, which is more likely. However, no matter how the heat uses, how the next person changes rooms, Dale Davis.

There is no solution. The match of the large lineup of the Lakers is the unique center in the NBA at present. Originally, it is this rare resource. Then the Lakers, who have three centers with outstanding athletic ability, will become a nightmare under the heat basket. Nevertheless, the heat still does not want to follow the heat.

Anyway, in positional warfare, once the defense is successful, they will seize every opportunity to fight back. This is due to the excellent long-distance passing ability of James and Davis. Once the heat can’t prevent it, ah hum, they won’t use joint defense again. Ah, I think it will. But the frequency of joint defense is much lower than that of playing celtic in the East, and Celtic have no excellent service line.

The candidates, no matter in height or passing ability, can’t compare with the Lakers. The Lakers have many ways to break the joint defense, and Davis and James have two outstanding passing keys. Therefore, the limited effect of joint defense on the Lakers is limited. One of the important reasons for using joint defense is that the opponent’s three points are not good enough for the three points of the Lakers.

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NBA by watching the game successfully

I think it’s good, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s the back of the back, even if it’s copied, right? You just have to understand it. We’ll see the victory or defeat, right? Another person says how the warriors win. Right, you need to know how he wins. He won’t have to know because he must have won in obedience, right? He’s winning 11 games in a row. He is sure to win him. His winning rate is 80% 70% 70%. I win eight games in ten games. How can you guess you all? I’m the next one. I don’t know. I won’t guess the last one in the next one. I’ll guess after she loses, I’ll just win one in five games. It’s too simple for him to win.

To how he won, right? He now plays what kind of team can, beat, what kind of him, the ball can be dragged with him, even if you can’t win in the end, you need to know which teams can drag her to the end. This is also a way for you to learn from the NBA by watching the game successfully. Do you understand? Don’t focus on this kind of energy. These are all bullshit. It’s bullshit. If you want these players to trade or not, you can analyze your personal psychology and get it

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So the only chance Celtics can get Anthony Davies is to use a very attractive trading chip, Tatu, Mu and some first round after Owen’s contract is signed this summer. Because the Celtic team’s first round signing is very tempting, ah, he has a lot of high number of draft rights, so for the team, I think it is almost the most wanted and most willing to see this thing, but all these things should be based on one point, that is, Kerry Owen and Celtic. If the Celtic team can’t cut Owen, Owen will stay in the Celtic team, pelicans will bully Anthony Davis and trade to Celtic team. Celtic played for two years and one year. Antony Davis still has to leave. Is that because of Carey Owen.

Because of Anthony Davis, he needs to go to a team that can compete for the championship. Michael Owen left the Celtic team and the Celtic team had no ability to compete for the championship. In other words, Anthony Davis took a group of young players to play, ah, meaningless. I’m in a hurry now, and I’m eager to drag this matter to the end of this summer. After Kerry Owen’s contract has been signed, this, this, almost Anthony Davis’s deal, this is not what your skin says.

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One eye now! A waiting superstar!

In order to get the first-hand information, many things were not explained clearly, and some important information was not verified. Let’s make a supplement. Oh, we tweeted and looked at it. I think that the first-hand information and speech, then the deal between lone ranger and yonix has been settled, and all the information has been, er, public. All the information has been made public, so these people are involved. If I don’t read much at 7788, it’s mainly bolzinghis, plus xiaoha’s, ah, the toxicity is relatively smooth, so it’s very important to create a special transaction case of $16.9 million. We, with an appointment, can clear up space for the Knicks and sign a free agent next summer.

Owen’s Jimi Butler, Harnett Nader, can be chased, ah, basically that means, ah, and the important information is that from the first round to two first round signings, the two bracelets provided by Lone Ranger are all about his personal first round in 2021 and 2023. As soon as we arrive, the top ten protection. Ah, the media mentioned two first round signings without saying anything. Maybe the situation at that time is not clear. Now let’s report it accurately. Now, domestic owners, the streaming media website may not have been updated, so we’ll cut in on Anthony Davis. One to ten digits is protection. So if it is really, in this case, ah, it is basically like this, ah, 99.9% of the situation, then we will balance the transaction rating as grade B, poor, each taking his own notes, so the hungry Lone Ranger team has got timely combat effectiveness. Ah, New York, Nick vacated the salary space, plus the three first round signings, I thought it was a bit terrible. Ah, the Mavericks were really so stupid. After such a long time of white play this year, it can’t be said that brandy is not strong enough. This can be the signing this year.

If it is very high, it will be sent directly, right

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