Analysis of female oil painting

The way of self narration in art is the most often used by female artists. It is an art form with strong personal color, a construction of women’s inner world, and a way of self-identity that women often adopt. Xia Junna, who stepped on the painting scene in 1995, is quite potential and remarkable. Her paintings are full of youth and romance, passion and innocence.

From the perspective of picture effect, she deliberately ignored the more rational rule in the tradition, and freely used the points, lines and surfaces from the perspective of women’s sensibility. She arranged the size of the color block shape and the structure of black, white and gray, and abandoned the conventional three-dimensional space processing. This kind of “chaos” in order, on the contrary, makes Xia Junna’s painting reflect a very feminine strange and mysterious brilliance. The painter Yu Hong’s “witness growth” series is a growth record based on her personal album, which shows us her and her daughter’s growth experience. It mainly shows the historical traces of the protagonist’s self growth and individual appearance evolution in a special era, and reflects the historical changes of the country and the era by personal growth. The subject matter of female painter Shen Ling’s paintings is her family and the familiar life around her, most of which are the portraits of her husband and wife. With strong expressionist painting style, the painting forms its own unique expression way: free and loose, bold and heroic strokes; exaggerated modeling, gorgeous colors and jumping colors, which participate in the noisy situation together. Let us feel the painter’s full passion and strong personality, showing the female artists in the new era different from the past feminine characteristics of female painting, so that their painting works in the new “context” has a new connotation and new charm.

The feeling of training in warrior ice arena is unparalleled!

We are a group of ice hockey loving early birds. After breakfast at 7:30 in the morning, we got on the bus to the training base of warrior brown bears.

Although I was tired all the way last night, I was still excited. What does warrior ice arena look like? How do the players of God like brown bear train every day? Just thinking about it, the bus stopped slowly, turned around and scared me. My dear, is this ice hockey? Like the big tires stacked together, looking up, is this a giant club for giants? Besides shock, it’s still shock.

It’s like this in the field. I can’t wait to change the protective equipment and put on the ice. The ice is like milk. The ice is very flat and hard. It’s very powerful to pedal. I don’t know whether it’s exciting or good. I feel like I’m skating like an airplane taking off.

I cherish this training opportunity very much. I run and jump as hard as I can. I make full use of my strength to turn, stop and fight… The 50 minute training of the luxury coach team of brown bear passed in a blink of an eye. I didn’t enjoy it very much. It’s incomparable to go back to the hotel and lie in bed at night.

In fact, we can not only enjoy the training, but also make new friends on and off the court. Let’s have a look at my roommate and me.

In the evening, I went to TD garden brown bear’s main stadium to watch the competition between the university teams. It was a surprise. I didn’t see it in the previous trip. My mother in Beijing heard that we were going to watch the game of Beanpot. She was even more excited than me. I knew that it was a grand competition with a long history. There’s a box, a big meal, and popcorn after dinner. I actually beat jet lag to watch the whole game. I turned around and looked at the little companions. Many of them fell asleep, had a full schedule, and were tired.

The application of Western oil painting style in ceramic decoration

  1. Oil painting techniques in contemporary ceramic decoration

If different kinds of art want to merge with each other, we must find the breakthrough point between them and find the balance between them. If the two are combined forcibly, it will only give people a sense of rote and disobedience. There are many similarities between oil painting and ceramic painting, and the cultural information and visual experience between them are also related. The oil paintings painted by Mr. Leng Jun, the contemporary realistic oil painting master of China, can be said to be the outstanding representative of the contemporary oil painters. The super realistic oil painting “little Tang” painted by him has a great visual impact on the audience, and the delicate texture of the oil painting layer upon layer brings the artist a strong sense of reality.

This kind of super realistic oil painting technique is to use the concrete artistic technique, which can often convey the artist’s deeper thinking. In recent years, many ceramic artists in Jingdezhen have also inherited this realistic technique and created works that are lifelike. This painting method of ceramic oil painting is extremely brilliant in many ceramic art gardens. The core difference between Chinese painting and Western painting is that Chinese painting pays more attention to the inner meaning.

“Image” is the core content of many excellent Chinese artists. Ceramic artists refer to the performance techniques of oil painting to enhance the characteristics of their times. Every creation is a kind of spiritual touch for the viewer. This kind of seemingly calm is actually a magnificent journey, in which the viewer can feel the writer’s feelings consciously or unconsciously. The perception of the image in the oil painting is that it will convey a kind of “artistic conception” to the brain of the viewer. This kind of artistic conception is able to express people’s happiness, anger and sadness according to the surrounding color and environment. Ceramic oil painting through the reasonable creation of the scene, with the audience to achieve interaction, produce a very aesthetic emotion.

Gambling or helpless, count the legendary quarterback in history and change into a new team

In NFL, some quarterbacks have become synonymous with a team, such as patriot Brady or something. Surprisingly, however, many of these quarterbacks changed teams later in their careers. Tom Brady is the latest example of a legendary quarterback, but his entire career will not be spent in one team.

It’s strange to see Brady playing for the pirates, but we have to get used to seeing them in different jerseys.

Next, take a look at the performances of some legendary quarterbacks who joined the new team later in their career.

1) Joe Montana, chief of Kansas City

Montana, who led the 49ers to four Super Bowl titles, is arguably the greatest player in the team’s history. However, it did not win him a lifetime contract to stay in San Francisco. After Montana missed two full seasons with an elbow injury, the 49 are ready to leave him and move on with his replacement, Steve Young.

2) Donovan McNabb, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings

As most fans remember, McNabb was booed when the eagles were in the draft. Never seen as the soul of the team, he has won five division titles, eight playoffs and the super bowl for the first time in nearly 25 years in 11 seasons in Philadelphia.

Heat transfer materials in addition to hot stamping, what other products?

The main products of lettering film are TPU elastic lettering film, gold onion lettering film, laser lettering film, imitation metal lettering film, printable lettering film, PVC lettering film, flocking lettering film, reflective / luminous lettering film. At the same time, we also provide product solutions to achieve 10 minutes of standing. There are a large number of product types to choose from and experience unique colors and digital printing effects It has excellent washability and wide application field; it can iron print color and monochrome logo for any type of dark and light color fabric, including many functional clothing fabrics, print a single pattern or tens of thousands of them, with high quality and high profit, which can be obtained by using ordinary equipment in the market!

The base material of decorative film is high-end release paper, which has high-quality surface effect. The surface effect includes: grid pattern, leather pattern, frosting, matte flat light, stars and so on. (the surface of the decorative film is covered with a PE protective film, which needs to be torn off before use) the surface decoration of heat-resistant textiles is applied to the decorative film of Meiyi engraving heat transfer printing. Only equipped with a heat transfer machine and a pattern cutting machine, the surface of textiles can be processed, and the added value of products can be expanded infinitely.

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In the history of NBA, which player is the best in singles?

n vincarte’s words, in terms of tactics, sometimes you can use a single person to play the top MJ, and then you can bet on the luck of the top shark who dares to make him one-on-one in the low position. At least someone should be around at any time, and everyone will feel frustrated when they hear that they are going to fight against sharks, including Duncan, who is good at fighting against sharks alone. The reason why Duncan didn’t want to play C was that he had to fight sharks from head to tail when he played C. The general advised Duncan that you have to fight C everywhere you go and you have to fight against sharks. But here, I can help you, you go to play power forward.

So I choose Tian Gou and MJ as the top scorers in history and the top scorer in average score. Am I crazy if I don’t choose them? Where are so many fancy Update: it’s better to throw cold water on Durant than Kawaii before last playoffs’ big injury. People who don’t believe can do statistics by themselves. It’s not biased against Durant. Compared with Tiangou, MJ, it’s impossible to ignore the physical strength and sustained explosive force of a series of games. Anyway, if my team is 3:1 ahead, it needs a top scorer To finish this round of playoffs, I will definitely not choose Durant. Without skyhook, MJ is the absolute point with excellent quality

What is marketing 4P?

If you want to be a marketing expert, you must know what marketing 4P is! Now let’s tell you what 4P is? Teach you how to use them to make your marketing strategy!

The purpose of marketing is to “put the right product at the right price and place at the right time”. Although it sounds simple, a lot of research needs to be done behind this. If one element is wrong, the whole product line or positioning will collapse, resulting in heavy losses for the company.

What is marketing 4P? In this era of big data, marketing is no longer looking for a needle in a haystack, but the most effective marketing strategy for the target market, focusing resources on the most effective place.

Marketing 7p or even 4C has been developed in the market, but 4P is still a good starting point to help you plan new products or evaluate existing product lines.


Products include tangible products or intangible services, which can meet the needs of specific customers. You have to ask yourself these questions. All product cycles are different. As a marketer, you must understand the product cycle of your product, anticipate challenges and plan marketing strategies according to different product cycle stages. You have to understand what problems your product solves in the market and study its unique selling points.

·Consumer side:

  1. Who are your consumers?
  2. What consumers want from this product / service
  3. What are the characteristics of this product that can meet the needs of consumers
  4. When, where and how will consumers use it?

·Product side:

  1. What is the product / service like?
  2. What size, color and size should it be? What is its product name?
  3. What’s different from the competitors?

Mature Tatum, future master of North Bank Garden

Owen left Boston to join Durant in New York.

Howard left Boston, and the next second, in Philadelphia.

Hayward is still there, he’s slowly recovering, but he’s not Boston’s favorite.

Since two years ago, Jason Tatum, one of the Celtic double explorers, has become the most promising hope of the green army fans, even more than the previous year’s Jay brown.

I always pay close attention to Tatum and like him very much. In him, I can find some remnants of the old school classic swingman. I’m not a man of all ages. I don’t have a problem with the way I play in the new century. The middle distance is a little less efficient than the three points under the basket now. It’s not very pleasing to the small ball trend.

However, more or less, I have some nostalgia and preference for the swingers who are persistent in the middle distance.

Even if these personal preferences aside, holding the ball in the middle distance is also one of the performances of “more superstar” in the swing man of the front guard. The three-point ball and under the basket are very easy to be targeted, only in the middle distance, the upper limit is not capped.

In the 19-20 season, Tatum has not fully demonstrated the level of first-line stars, but his playing method and efficiency have begun to have a significant “star like” trend:

It’s 3.5 times per game, the first in the team. Considering his preference for medium distance, the efficiency of 0.99 points is not low.

3.4 conversion attacks per game, second only to Jay, scoring 1.22 points per round, which is more efficient.

Average 5.8 times per game, 10.1 times less than walker, the real Celtic second player.

The efficiency of 1.03 points is not very high, but it is one of the most reliable in the team.

In addition, 1.3 back singles per game, the first back hitter on the outside, second only to Cantor in the team.

Baseball coach reveals details of Punk’s support for students

The news of CM Punk’s support to the Chicago San Antonio high school baseball team game, about Punk’s on-the-spot cheering, team coach Joe Grasso talked about his views:

“Punk lives in the same hotel as our team and we met him in the parking lot. The next thing we all know, he asked us kindly about the result of the game and how you are doing.

Punk is a good role model, he told the children to be obedient in school and put their energy into the right things.

In addition, he looks in a good mental state, not like he has an injury

Before yesterday’s Chicago Cubs game, CM punk appeared on the big screen to celebrate the birthday of Wrigley. In addition, since punk left, Daniel Bryan has become the second best seller of peripheral goods. Recently, John cena, the first seller of peripheral goods, has sold five times more goods than the second.

On Internet advertising — SEM and DSP

What is SEM advertising? According to the way of using search engine, the marketing information is transferred to the target user as much as possible. In short, search engine marketing is the network marketing based on the search engine platform. It uses people’s dependence and usage habits on search engine to transfer information to the target users when people search information. SEM advertising features 1.1 large user base, high activity. SEM based on search engine technology is the largest user base and the most active network delivery channel in the whole network.

As of 2016, the utilization rate of search engine channel in the whole network channel has reached 82.4%, ranking second only to social application in the utilization rate of the whole network channel. 1.2 the mechanism of SEM advertising with relatively accurate traffic determines its attribute: people look for advertising. Users actively search information through search engines, so as to obtain the presentation of relevant information. In this process, advertisers can tell users what information I can provide you by setting keyword matching and related creative descriptions. The backstage algorithm of search engine grabs and analyzes the search information of users in search engine, and presents the information with high matching degree to users in its backstage database. This algorithm mechanism leads to the advertiser’s advertisement will have a greater probability to show to the target users of the enterprise. The search information of users is a kind of directional way to connect the enterprise and users together. 1.3 the traffic is transparent and real; the SEM with strong operability and autonomy has been nearly 20 years since its birth in the early 21st century. Its technical level is very mature, the flow is real, transparent, and can be monitored. Moreover, the main platform parties also use technical means to help advertisers identify malicious clicks and spam traffic, which is very beneficial to reduce costs and improve ROI. In addition, domestic mainstream SEM platforms have provided corresponding data report services, and the traffic can be monitored in real time.