On Internet advertising — SEM and DSP

What is SEM advertising? According to the way of using search engine, the marketing information is transferred to the target user as much as possible. In short, search engine marketing is the network marketing based on the search engine platform. It uses people’s dependence and usage habits on search engine to transfer information to the target users when people search information. SEM advertising features 1.1 large user base, high activity. SEM based on search engine technology is the largest user base and the most active network delivery channel in the whole network.

As of 2016, the utilization rate of search engine channel in the whole network channel has reached 82.4%, ranking second only to social application in the utilization rate of the whole network channel. 1.2 the mechanism of SEM advertising with relatively accurate traffic determines its attribute: people look for advertising. Users actively search information through search engines, so as to obtain the presentation of relevant information. In this process, advertisers can tell users what information I can provide you by setting keyword matching and related creative descriptions. The backstage algorithm of search engine grabs and analyzes the search information of users in search engine, and presents the information with high matching degree to users in its backstage database. This algorithm mechanism leads to the advertiser’s advertisement will have a greater probability to show to the target users of the enterprise. The search information of users is a kind of directional way to connect the enterprise and users together. 1.3 the traffic is transparent and real; the SEM with strong operability and autonomy has been nearly 20 years since its birth in the early 21st century. Its technical level is very mature, the flow is real, transparent, and can be monitored. Moreover, the main platform parties also use technical means to help advertisers identify malicious clicks and spam traffic, which is very beneficial to reduce costs and improve ROI. In addition, domestic mainstream SEM platforms have provided corresponding data report services, and the traffic can be monitored in real time.