NFL under the new coronavirus: Eagles close, annual meeting cancelled

The novel coronavirus has affected almost every seasonal movement in North America.

Recently, the NBA has announced a suspension, and Utah Jazz players have been diagnosed with the new crown virus. From MLB to NBA and NHL (not to mention the major league soccer and NCAA), XFL has also announced a suspension, with almost everyone in professional sports deciding to stop in recent days.

Although the NFL is still in the off-season and has not been greatly affected, the impact of the new crown virus has been shrouded in the NFL teams.

The eagles became the first NFL team to shut down facilities due to coronavirus.

Due to the novel coronavirus, the Philadelphia hawks became the first team to close the training facilities on Thursday afternoon. Adam Scheffer of ESPN reported the news.

Jeffrey Lurie, chairman and CEO of Philadelphia eagle, announced in a statement the closure plan, instructing its employees to work from home.

The eagles were the first to close, followed by the Tampa Bay pirates and the San Francisco 49ers. It seems it’s only a matter of time before more teams close their facilities.

NFL annual alliance meeting cancelled

The NFL is still in the process of starting the season on Wednesday as originally planned, but has cancelled a major project. The novel coronavirus was increasingly concerned about the annual alliance meeting held in Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday.

The spring meeting, originally scheduled for March 29 to April 1, will usually discuss rule changes and other Rugby issues. Now it will be discussed and voted at the meeting in May. It is expected that NFL coaches and general managers will attend the meeting.