It was not easy to reach the first place in the West

The position of the West top is standing for a day. I remember that. There was a Nuggets grizzly bear express. Ah, the warriors were on the top of the West today. It was not easy to reach the first place in the West. These three teams were in the top two.

Then we did a show before in the game. I said, ah Grizzlies, this captain of the ball, we don’t know if we don’t go to this for a while to figure out why, because I am very clear in the program because I am afraid to waste time. So, it is verified that you are going to study Grizzlies. Remember, it is a waste of time.

We said in that program. Is it really the function of Conley? Is it really because of Conley? Well, I have a beard. Well, this one with beard today is er. There are many players, so many players. It can be said that it is an era. Is this, uh, led by harden? The mustache Corps led by harden. Curithompson and Owen have a big beard. Of course, harden has a beard.

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