In the next 15 years, the League won’t have a playoff game

In the next 15 years, the league has not played a playoff game in a year. To be honest, this year’s cell is the closest time to him. Before that, the team had been in the No.1 player for more than 10 years or the top 4500 draft right, which could not be in 18 years.

At this time, I told the reporter that this year will be the last time I don’t play the playoffs. What happened is that he hasn’t played the playoffs for two consecutive years. In fact, Booker has been rumored to want to leave the Suns, because he thinks the team’s lineup is too poor.

In fact, it’s the same with the alphabet song. For the sun’s management, this deal is also an opportunity to show loyalty and sincerity. In exchange for Chris Paul, the future team’s book, there is No.1 player on the inside, Eaton on on the outside, and Buchner. The last organization is Chris Paul.

In fact, it seems that next season, the sun is in the fierce competition in the west, and the probability of static Qiu Sai will suddenly become larger. I think that with Paul’s sun, it should be able to beat your Mavericks. Ah, ah Mo, it’s too early for you to say that. We will be out before the start of the next season.

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