If we say that the all star has not played any role at all

The man who was defeated by the warriors in the zero point game was the most likely one to be defeated by the warrior in the conventional game.

After that game, CJ mclem, one of the Blazers’ double guns, described his backcourt partner like this. In this way, the story seems to have a sequel this year. Lillard was once again rejected in the season, and the all star Blazers had experienced two consecutive years of no one.

The dilemma of no one being selected as an all-star is actually not selected last year, which makes me even more eager to be selected as an all star this year. However, if I am not selected, I will not be angry with the whole world. We have bigger problems. If we say that the all star is not elected, it will not do anything at all.

Encouragement, then I must be lying. Compared with last year, although the last lad Lillard was slightly depressed, he did not show too much atmosphere. In the face of such a situation, Lillard still used his own.

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