Do you know BTC ?

Bitcoin topped $8,000 today. From last night to this morning, almost all the friends in the field of block chains started the exclamation mode in the circle of friends, and all the already silent Wechat groups began to have tsunami-like discussions again. Still in this circle, if you have more bitcoins in your hands, you can look at them calmly and leisurely; if you step out of the middle or get off too early, you will be suspicious that the bull market is over. As for those who are not in the circle, they denounce Bitcoin as a worthless virtual currency, and compare the decline of the stock market with the rise of Bitcoin. Its shape is so many that I have hardly seen it since 2017.






Why has bitcoin suddenly skyrocketed? That’s the question. Not only the retail investors, including the industry’s deep technical expertise in the project side are very ignorant circle. And the deeper I delve, the more confused I am, and the more I am caught off guard. Because in their opinion, the technology in this circle has not achieved any qualitative breakthrough. So the dealer pull dish theory, market manipulation cut leek theory began to spread widely below. Those leeks who tasted the sweet taste of copycat bitcoin in 2017 are starting to think it is too late to buy the copycat bitcoin even though they have run out of it. What is more, they began to expect hundreds, thousands of times. But I would say that if they really broke the bank to distribute these fake COINS, they might not sleep well this year.

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