Played a high score high rebound25

Who can get it, then it is a, the veteran is also a, Bao now? It is a bit of a loss to eat his big contract of 250028million. So, I think Gasol stays in Conley and stays in the Grizzlies. Yes, the probability is very high.

Sell, don’t drop it. Unless, you can use bad contracts to replace a hole. There are other possibilities. Now, the inner line of the alliance, the technical school, Mr. Yue, was before. There are friends, and maybe I think that, Mr. Wei Le is not happy and so on. Of course, there are sugar and other things. The packing is not so bad.

Ah, there is a netizen. He said, “Oh, these fans, this is for you, and I won’t admit NB.”. I think this ability, speaking of this today, I want to praise Tang Shi. Ah, today, played a high score high rebound25, is it 156 rebounds? High score high rebounds are good. Do you hear that very well? We, ah slander, he belittles him.

If it’s the Lakers want to have a future

It’s important to see what kind of chips the Lakers have. I personally think that if wolf Sauber doesn’t give other players any choice, you can take all of them. We said before.

If it’s the Lakers want to have a future. I don’t want to be able to compete among these all stars in the east of the west this summer. Well, as a big three or even four, try to leave what these young players can leave behind. So, too much consumption. Maybe, it will have a fatal impact on the team and the future of the squad structure. Why, oh, if you put some of the escort, you will all put the deposit on these people. It is too dangerous.

Once there are some problems in the team, Antony Davis’ contract can not be determined. How many problems are not fixed, right? You have young players, there are always changes in the case of the team. Now, it is a risky move for the Lakers to play all the cards. But it is not a successful move because we know.

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If they always know a little

What’s the expectation of a pair of seagulls? I think it’s very likely who will fall and end up. We’ve compared Paul George’s injury in this position. Some friends said that Paul George is so good.

Paul George’s recovery is so good. It’s not the same position. Is it the ankle? We said that there are a lot of ankle positions. Nervous system, infrastructure system are all here. It’s broken down, which affects your explosive power. Right? In basketball, we all know that ankle is used to accelerate take-off. All, er, more functions are focused on ankle and knee.

Right? It’s not easy to have problems with ankles, because there are more blood vessels here, and blood vessels are more developed. Even we are laymen in sports medicine, we also ask, er, relatives and friends, er, this. Friendship tips specialist, this question, well, in this case, well, anyway, are doctors by analogy? If they always know a little, they only know a lot more than we might. Of course, many of us and the audience must also have medical students, right? Let’s verify our facts, right.

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Everyone else is making progress

Well, yes, I’m going to play in the finals this year, and I’m going to play in the eastern championship. Now it seems that I’m conservative. I can’t touch the 76ers in the first round. I’m not sure who’s unlucky to play in the eastern finals. Besides, there’s something to be lucky about.

Raptors, bucks, and Celtics, ah, should pay close attention, especially the Celtics 76ers, the new team is running very fast, the first three are tigers, Celtics, last year, they were able to play in the East, the second to play in the East, the last to fight in the Duke, this lineup has not changed.

Everyone else is making progress. If you don’t advance, you will retreat. Now you are in an awkward position. So this person has two advantages for Harris. The first one is to strengthen the existing lineup. It must be a very good deal. The second is to focus on the future. Ah, Jimi Butler, we know, ah, when we were in the forest and wolves, it took us five years and two hundred million to be unhappy. Harris, in fact, in the clippers, asked Xiao Guo to sign this contract. After finishing this contract, we had to pay two players.

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If you want to take advantage of each other

The main thing is to see, the record of the Lakers, ah, now it seems that the possibility of reaching the top four record is very low, ah, very low, so I don’t think I am competitive. Ah, when I reach the previous situation, I occasionally say that I have to fight against this kind of rockets and thunder warriors to have an absolute advantage.

At least take advantage of it. If you want to take advantage of each other, you should have words and stories on the antithesis. Now, harden is an accurate story calling. We have already said that. Then, in the first two years of that year, he got three sets of points, breaking the record. As for MVP, if alcohol is put aside, it means breaking the rules, then harden may break the rules this year.

I believe that if harden stands in this position, the fourth and fifth in the west, well, it doesn’t matter. Now the record is not the problem, the fourth and fifth position, the fourth and fifth record. Ah, if you can break Jordan’s scoring record, ah, although you can’t break Chamberlain’s record, ha is still listening to the end of know it all these two days. It’s estimated that it’s also for the young to unlock. Ah, it’s less than 30 years old. Ah, when it comes to the problem of harden, he says that harden’s average is 36 points and 37 points a game now. Ah, midfield time.

It’s very important that James still has to play the playoffs to win the playoffs

Er, this is unique and irreplaceable. You are the only one. No one can argue with you. Since there is no argument, you are the king, just like Jordan’s actual scoring king is the king.

The king doesn’t need to really don’t need to discuss. It’s very important that James still has to play the playoffs to win the playoffs. Scoring, Wang, ah, it’s already this year, and we need to score in the All-Star game. Wang gonggu, right? We need to break the regular season scoring. Wang, the record, or we need to break the scoring king in the finals. The record always feels that he has to have a call record. It seems that it’s not very good.

West 11600 points 84 years later. It’s James, but if you push forward, there’s Jerry West. James is not the record holder, so it’s more difficult to play at least three finals. Well, it’s not very difficult for a long time. It’s more difficult to cover these scenes. We’ll see how many years we can play. Four years, five years or six years, enjoy the fun of basketball,

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How many acquaintances can exchange money for Anthony Davis

I feel, vaguely, and feel the possibility of being educated. I don’t think it’s just him. How many acquaintances can exchange money for Anthony Davis. It’s not so simple. He doesn’t match the Heart Sutra, right? He may be in trouble now, but it’s better to drive.

He didn’t say anything, it’s just a rumor, right? He didn’t say it, he just said you wait, ah, wait, the other 29 teams can say I’m waiting, I’m waiting to see what you have this summer and what goods can be thrown out, right? He didn’t say I’m going to use Tatum to add who’s who’s who’s who’s who’s who. To make a deal, ah, this, er, obviously Angie is very good at it. Annie is also a veteran general manager.

Ha, well, it’s also Celtic team for so many years. Anyway, I’m asking about 2001. I see that it’s basically Celtic team for many years. Excellent, ah, the general manager OK is also good, well, so, although the three parties have been damaged, the Celtic team is relatively slight, not obvious, right.

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Whether the 100 million contract will be given or not

It’s not easy to say at what level the contract can be. Take a look, there are only 76ers and bucks, and those who are enough for the 76ers are also facing the problem of renewal. Jimi Butler, who will be given the 200 million contract? Harris, whether the 150 million contract will be given or not, whether the 100 million contract will be given or not, is a problem. One is to see, or say these, the white rotten team also saw the good news of chongzong, good news, so if the East can form a big three, three stars, three All-Star players, it is very competitive, you can start from ten to 76.

The Celtics, the 76ers and the Bucks can see what they have achieved now. You can’t say how many all stars the Bucks really have and how well they play. If they are compared with the Western teams and the warriors teams, then I still think so.

There is still a little gap, mainly reflected in the playoffs. At that time, we will look at the two teams that have qualified in the finals. Now that there is no James in the East, who can stand up against the warriors, including the fans now.

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The absolute core of this position

It seems that it’s very right. Well, it’s like watching sexy okafu. Well, although it’s also good, it’s also good, but it can’t play the main force.

Anno is also the same soul thunder, and the team can’t play the main force, right? Well, Peter is now firmly seated.

The 76ers, the absolute core of this position, experience, there is very likely to play in the Eastern Conference finals or even the finals, we just expect, I think, I think, playing up to now, I’m still optimistic about the Raptors, of course. If we want to play a complete 82 games, after the first round and the second round, let’s take a look at the dream. This orange also depends on the level of the 76ers.

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There is a little difference between this organization and other people

What’s different from other players, ah, is that there are many free throws, 17 free throws, 14 free throws. To achieve, 17 free throws, kill and kill opponents, kill and kill close to each other, 9 close to 9, er, it may be three points. Let’s not say more.

Anyway, harden’s super high score. There is a little difference between this organization and other people, because harden’s killing ability is too strong. Compared with this, er, 60 plus score, 60 players, I believe Iverson is also a very strong killing ability. Some friends say harden is a very strong killing ability. Ah, the average shooting rate of 3 times 9 is the data of scoring king. For this matter, I’ll be a little later.

My personal opinion is that Iverson’s shooting rate is not high, but his killing ability to his opponent is quite strong for the recent attack ability. Even if you don’t get 30 points in the field, you will get 278 points. But you have caused inner damage to the opponent. Huihui’s opponent will have a bad influence in the future competition. You have three points in the opponent’s inner line after three breakthroughs. You have three fouls on your back.

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