I don’t know if rose will have such a dream?

February 28, the pistons away game against the sun in the third quarter 7:04 seconds, derrickross conversion breakthrough, after the confrontation with Rubio, was then rushed to the bridge cover. The staggering Ross turns around and grabs the ball back. He scores two points in the layup. Then he complains that the referee blows the technical foul. At this point, rose is still saying: This is a foul (suns defense), this is a foul

This short round is a microcosm of Ross’s current situation. The champion, who plays like a white horse and snows, is now a stranger to Detroit. It’s not just the style of play that changes

What’s Ross like with the pistons?

Ross’s position in the piston is an end point for holding the ball. Coach Casey has high expectations for rose. He once claimed that he wanted to let rose play 40 minutes, but in order to protect Rose’s body, “we just can’t do this.”.

How good is rose this season? He has played 76 points in all three games of the season. From January 4 to January 31, 2020, 14 consecutive games scored 20 points. In the whole season, the average playing time is only 26 minutes, 18.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists, which is quite efficient.

The Golden Knights are killing

Wonderful review

After the opening of the first quarter, the golden Cavaliers were mainly against visitors. In 2 minutes and 10 seconds, Daniel Carr took a cross pass from teammate Thomas nosek and put the ball into the goal, taking the lead 1-0. Five minutes and 20 seconds, the Black Hawk also scored a goal, but was sent off offside first, the goal was invalid. In 12 minutes and 14 seconds, Alex Tucker scored another goal in front of the door when he got the black guard out of the blue line. Blackhawks were scored two goals in the first 10 minutes, as if they were stunned, and the scene was out of control. At 16:14, Cody Higgins took the backhand pass of the new Canadians’ Captain Max pachauretti and waved the ball to the empty goal. At the end of the first quarter, the Golden Knight led the Black Hawk 3-0.

Just 29 seconds into the second quarter, the Blackhawks quickly scored a goal. Gustav Forsyth pulled up before the blue line. The ball hit the gold Cavaliers forward Carlson’s club and went straight into the top corner of the goal. The lightning goal helped the Black Hawk break the egg. In 5:22, Patrick Kane, the monkey king of Blackhawks, was fined 2 minutes for a high shot foul. The golden Cavaliers seized the chance to play more and less, and William Carlson played the goal in the competition area. Blackhawk goalkeeper Crawford’s vision was completely blocked, unable to prevent the ball from flying into the net, and the golden Cavaliers expanded the score advantage to three goals again. In 11 minutes and 16 seconds, Dylan stoke scored on behalf of his new team in the first game. He was quick in front of the goal and sent the uncontrolled ball into the empty goal. The score changed to 4-2. Black Hawk is less than 2 minutes happy, 13 minutes 16 seconds, the golden Cavaliers in the attack area for the ball success, veteran Derek England scored his first goal of the season, the score 5-2. Six seconds before the end of the second quarter, Shea Theodore succeeded in shooting before the whistle, scoring a wonderful goal, turning the score into 6-2.

Torres’s counter attack and goal is a one-stop process. Is this kind of forward the most frightening for defenders?

This question is more interesting. I think of a sentence from Nesta. He said he hated defending two strikers. The first one was Ronaldo. The reason is well known. The other one is Jiuye, the man who lives on the offside line forever. The first is that you try to do everything well, but you still can’t stop him. In the history of football, those who can achieve this by themselves can be called the king of football. Such as Bailey and old horse, such as Darrow, such as the current controversial president and Messi. There may be a lot of controversies about Messi, but I think Boateng agrees. It’s also controversial to say that the president is the king of the ball. Simone used to cover his crotch and sneered, and then was slapped. But it doesn’t matter to me. I’m Henry anyway.

As Terry said to Henry, “he’s a Silent Assassin, the last striker I want to face.” Loser explodes the sky’s starting speed, eats you raw directly. After that, use the left foot bow to gently push a far corner, natural and unrestrained, freehand. Turn around and look back. It’s Zanetti’s back. What kind of player does Torres belong to? In the Liverpool era, he scored a lot of goals, but the defenders will think, if I do a little better, can I stop the attack? This is not only Torres, most of the forward, are of this level. Although I’m not as good as you, I’ll try harder to keep up with you. With the support of my teammates, I can stop you from scoring. It’s a pity that most of the time it’s a failure to work hard.

Psychological concept: control what happens

Control is the core and the most motivating goal. Control means making behavior happen or not happen – initiating it, maintaining it, stopping it, and influencing its form, intensity, or incidence. If an explanation of the causes of behavior can create conditions for controlling behavior, then the explanation is persuasive.

The ability to control behavior is important because it provides psychology with ways to help people improve their quality of life.

Psychologists usually use scientific methods to draw conclusions on individual behavior and psychological process. Psychologists have several goals: to describe behaviors objectively at an appropriate level, to explain the causes of behaviors, to predict when behaviors will occur, and to control behaviors to improve the quality of life.

People’s behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind. If the advertisement can go deep into the consumer’s life scene and become one of the elements in life, then the product has been successful. Nowadays, smart phones, wechat, etc. have entered the life of ordinary people. Once such brands are recognized, it is difficult to leave the life of consumers.

So the best advertisement is to let consumers see that they don’t hate it. In the long run, after consumers get used to it, the subtle effect of advertisement will be produced, which is a successful advertisement.

Rookies, who makes more money in NFL and NBA?

The NFL draft is in full swing, and there are endless introductions about players and teams. Today, let’s talk about salary.

Indeed, rookie contracts can be said to be the “first barrel of gold” in most professional players’ lives. With the increase of income of major sports leagues in North America, the salary level of professional players is also rising, so is rookie players.

North American Sports League salaries are often linked to league revenues. As the most concerned local sports organization among the four major professional sports leagues in North America, NFL’s total revenue in recent years has exceeded 13 billion US dollars. NBA is only the third most popular professional sports league in the United States. The total annual revenue of NBA is only about half of that of NFL.

However, in terms of salary, the average salary of NBA players has been rising rapidly in recent years, far away from the average salary level of NFL players, and even surpassed the MLB with the title of “the best player welfare in North America”, firmly occupying the first place. There are many reasons behind this. The small number of NBA players is one of them.

These days, the 2019 NFL Draft conference is in full swing in Nashville, Tennessee. After years of hard work and experience, all the young players will finally stand on their own “stage”.

Here, let’s review how many rookie contracts have been signed by the top three players in the past three draft conferences of NFL and NBA, and see the behind the scenes stories of each major league in comparison.

NFL rookie revenue

The NFL League requires rookie players to have no more than four years of contract, but players selected in the first round can sign a “4 + 1” contract with the team, the fifth year of which is “team options”.

Fat and thin in oil painting

Why is oil painting more expensive than other paintings? It’s not that the technique is more difficult than watercolor gouache, nor that the painting materials are more expensive. The simple and popular reason is that it can be preserved for a long time.

In order to keep the oil painting for a long time, we need to abide by an eternal basic rule of “fat cover thin“. What is “fat cover thin” how to achieve fat cover thin is the content of this article today.

Fat refers to “oil”, fat cover thin refers to painting oil always let the last layer of oil multi-color thick pressure oil less thin. This is because, according to the characteristics of the dry oil used in oil painting summed up the law. Fat and thin oil painting can best protect the surface of the oil painting, bright color, firm and durable.

Oil paint changes from liquid to solid through the oxidation process of oil, so the drying of oil paint needs to inhale oxygen, so the drying always starts from the surface that first touches the air. A pair of oil painting feels that the surface is dry after one week, but in fact, even if it is not completely dry after one year, this is the natural law of chemical reaction, 73% in one week, 84% in ten years, 98% in one hundred years 。 When painting oil paintings, if the lower layer and the upper layer have the same oil content, the upper layer will dry first, because the upper layer seals the oxidation of the lower oil paint, where it oxidizes itself. The fat pigment is more flexible and more suitable for the changes of environment temperature and humidity, while the thin pigment is brittle after drying. If the thin pigment is used to cover the fat, it will be just pressed and soft, and the thin one will crack. If the “thin” on the top is dried first, and the “fat” on the bottom is still drying slowly in time, it will be easy to crack the upper layer with time, and then it will start to peel off a little longer. The more oil there is, the brighter and smoother the surface, and it is difficult for thin pigments with less oil content to adsorb on it.

What’s the difference between a home run and a home run?

Home run is the same as home run Run means that the attacker hits the ball out of the home base and hits the wall without going out. At this time, both the attacker and the batter can run back to the home base to score a full run. Full run means that there are all runners on the first, second and third bases. At this time, the batter blows out of the home base situation, which is a kind of home / home base hit and the situation where the attacker gets the most points in a single hit. 4 points. If the defender is 3 points ahead, the batter is knocked Home run – that situation is quite exciting – the laggard side directly surpasses It’s also a great fun in baseball. No one can predict what will happen in the future.

Home run = homerun = homerun = Redwood wave

To be honest, Homer is not a well formed term. I guess you’re talking about Homer at full base. It’s generally called a grand slam

Of course, when you say full base, it’s hard to say whether to hit an average anda is a full base hit, so as I said, there’s no full base hit.

Home run and home run are two concepts. If there is no one on the base, blow the ball out of the wall, and the hitter sneaks back to home base to get a point, also known as Yangchun cannon.

If base 1, base 2, base 3 are all on your side, and you have another home run, the four wave and head up back to base. Four points is the home run, also known as the Grand Slam.

After reading “super advertiser’s creative experience”

After reading super advertiser’s creative experience (1): listen to me carefully

  1. There are at least three levels of innovation: theory, experience and tools. Tools can be used to solve specific problems; experience can be used to solve similar problems; theory is the basis for finding the first two.
  2. The cultivation of planning is no more than three stages: from vague to concrete, from concrete to abstract, from abstract to concrete, one level to the next. Guided by the problems that need to be solved finally, the charm of a planning expert lies in the simplification of complexity, the elimination of Wu and the preservation of truth, the manipulation of different positions, the rise and fall of a knife, the folding of branches into swords, and the capture.
  3. Brand planning is a process of science and art, so we must lay a scientific foundation related to the market with ingenuity, and at the same time, we must continue to consciously develop our own artistic thinking and consciousness.

A favorite book.

After reading “super advertiser’s creative experience” (2): Super advertiser

In this era of information explosion, young people, especially us in a busy city, are surrounded by countless interference sources every moment of the day. I want to learn more, want to progress, want to stand higher and have more wisdom so that I can reduce the suffering caused by work. In the past two years, I have followed wechat big V / small secret circle / learning app and other channels to improve myself, but inevitably because fragmented learning often fails to see results, I often repeatedly ask myself if I have made progress? Have I fallen behind my peers or even younger···

The world of an advertiser

After reading a advertiser’s Jianghu (1): the end and the beginning

At this stage, after reading such a book, I have to express myself.

Today, I received a call from my colleagues, which should be more accurate. I know on the other end of the phone, she must be depressed to a certain extent before calling. So, let her cry and clap. Although I’ve been away from the company for 4 days, I know that if I’m still there, it must be the two of us slapping in another way.

Every project is the same process, which can be summarized in a word. After listening to it, the outsiders didn’t understand what was bothering AE. But I think I’m the only one in the whole company who understands her. My mother said that if there’s any problem, I’ll appeal and tell the boss that I can’t send it to the client now. If XX is delayed, what can I do.

At that time, I waved the book and pointed to the cover and said, “this is not the solution. Advertisers should not solve this problem in this way.”.

Have a good laugh. My mother should also listen to the cloud and fog.

Leaving, I occasionally think about whether I don’t have the courage to bear more. Even though, I know that objective factors account for more. But it’s impossible to blame others for every choice.

I really want to recommend this book to old Joe. In many places, the status quo of China’s companies is in one stroke. I wonder what he’s thinking? What should I do when I understand that the problem is very serious but I don’t deal with it head-on?

NFL under the new coronavirus: Eagles close, annual meeting cancelled

The novel coronavirus has affected almost every seasonal movement in North America.

Recently, the NBA has announced a suspension, and Utah Jazz players have been diagnosed with the new crown virus. From MLB to NBA and NHL (not to mention the major league soccer and NCAA), XFL has also announced a suspension, with almost everyone in professional sports deciding to stop in recent days.

Although the NFL is still in the off-season and has not been greatly affected, the impact of the new crown virus has been shrouded in the NFL teams.

The eagles became the first NFL team to shut down facilities due to coronavirus.

Due to the novel coronavirus, the Philadelphia hawks became the first team to close the training facilities on Thursday afternoon. Adam Scheffer of ESPN reported the news.

Jeffrey Lurie, chairman and CEO of Philadelphia eagle, announced in a statement the closure plan, instructing its employees to work from home.

The eagles were the first to close, followed by the Tampa Bay pirates and the San Francisco 49ers. It seems it’s only a matter of time before more teams close their facilities.

NFL annual alliance meeting cancelled

The NFL is still in the process of starting the season on Wednesday as originally planned, but has cancelled a major project. The novel coronavirus was increasingly concerned about the annual alliance meeting held in Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday.

The spring meeting, originally scheduled for March 29 to April 1, will usually discuss rule changes and other Rugby issues. Now it will be discussed and voted at the meeting in May. It is expected that NFL coaches and general managers will attend the meeting.