The middle part of the cone of the spindle is activated in the middle part of the sniper

I think it doesn’t matter whether there is a good coach or not. In fact, the level of this kind of coach is not too bad. At most, it is very bad and very good. Most of the focus is on the middle. The middle part of the cone of the spindle is activated in the middle part of the sniper. How many coaches can really bring the team back to life?

Very few, very few. So, look at these coaches in the NBA? They have played for more than ten years, and they are still a few people, right? Bobo, vitellifoss found you, and the retest came out very early. Thank you. It’s all like this. Carol has been eating too much and playing for more than ten years.

So, in the case of the big three, I personally think the quality of the coach is not very important, even if it’s a puppet coach, even if it’s a soul chicken soup coach, it doesn’t matter. Because, you can’t command the ability or experience of the big three. To be honest, you can’t command either. How much do you think Phil Jackson really commands Michael Jordan and Kobe?

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When it comes to nuggets and Spurs

Will give you a chance, yes, the Spurs home you want to play to the Spurs home ah, the Spurs are very clear what they should do, two ball, take a ball, enough three to one situation you can’t turn the sky, the Spurs won’t give you three to one situation turn the sky oh, my personal impression. It seems that when the Spurs lead three to one, well, they haven’t lost the ball. It’s clear that they have lost the ball. In history, the probability of three to one leading three goals is relatively small.

Well, it may only be more than 20%. It seems that the probability of meeting the Spurs is even smaller. I don’t think I have done it in my memory. In my case, the fans are welcome to correct me. It’s true that I’ve seen too many games, too many years, and many things are forgotten. Good dream interpretation. Well, when it comes to nuggets and Spurs, it must be the next game.

We should pay great attention to it and care about it. What spurs return to home is that they won’t give nuggets. The season with the chance of being 2-0 behind, and the series with the judgment ended ahead of time. In the case of 2-0, I even believe that the Spurs can sweep away 4-0 and decide not to leave any chance. Well, the first game is very important. The Nuggets lost the ball.

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The possibility of going to New York

Blue is impossible now. The possibility of going to New York, ah, has become very small. So the third hall in New York, ah, is very important. New York now operates with two hands. The first hand operation is that Durant Anthony Davis and Owen form the big three to fight for the championship. The second way is to use this number three. Take good care of this. Line 3 is the basic reconstruction and infrastructure of the team. Instead of taking the giants to win the championship, it starts from the young players in the team. You have to use the experience to understand this set.

Next year, you will use the one with millions of players and then the one with 76 players. Next year, you will follow the one with Prynne and then the bottom. Which two, the high ranking draft, the right, to do the team’s infrastructure construction, to make achievements in three or five years, as a long-term plan, rather than group the big three to take the time combat effectiveness to attack the championship, the two hand preparation, the Laker team now can’t provide for Anthony Davis.

Before the 4th, before the 4th, we said that the 4th sign is used to trade the Raptors, the quantity of the 4th sign plus pants, these two, delicious, can the 4th sign plus pants? Ah, these two transactions, this transaction, the framework, is for, learned bird clause is for Liang Na.

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The contract of 20 million for each of the five main players is a normal contract

The main point of the contract is that the same champion comes back. After all, the 33 year old, 30-year-old and 14-year-old veteran can still play for a few years. Compared with him, his contract is the most embarrassing. We say what kind of contract is the most important. At least for a hundred million, the contract of 20 million for each of the five main players is a normal contract.

If five of the five starters in the team can play 72 games and 75 games a year, they will start. I think it’s the same with a contract of 20 million. Normally, it’s 25 million, that is, the contract of 1.25 people is more than the whole number of one person’s contract.

The team with this kind of contract should be extremely cautious. If the 25 million contract is given, it will prove that this team will not be able to win in the next few years. It’s very difficult to organize the big three to guarantee hofford’s playing time in the regular season, improve the team’s performance and win the home court advantage in the playoffs. With the increase of age, these possibilities are rapidly diminishing, so it’s one in four years.

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Then Covington’s joining is definitely adding a heavy weight to the victory side

This critical moment is so impressive, because the Blazers scored high scores in many games, but also very close to this victory. If the scale of their victory is a 550, then Covington’s participation is definitely a heavy weight on the victory side.

In fact, there should be a gap between the Blazers and the first tier teams in the west, such as the Lakers and the Clippers. It’s still a little difficult to get into the first tier. But this deal made the second tier teams in the west a little flustered. Last season, they played well, the Nuggets.

It’s the team of team T. now I find that there is another pioneer around me who wants to join this level. In addition, the warrior who met Cray’s big business. Originally, the warrior thought that he could go to the first echelon to steam. Now the warrior must accept that he can be very happy in the second level.

But considering the pioneers of the second echelon, the lineup has been strengthened again. But in fact, the competition in the west next season, especially for three to six, and three to seven places, will be very fierce. So we talked about the rocket deal, ah, a lot of it was big Hu harden.

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This may be the day the center felt offline

Because it’s really bad, but he’s always watched by Murray when he defends. After the Denver Nuggets counter overtake, coach rivers changed him out of the court. However, Khalil stayed on the field until Murray was on the pitch. The advantage of three-point decision was extended to six points. It took a little time to replace Hadd with 1:24 left in the third quarter.

It was only 5:48 left in the third quarter before he was replaced. The clippers were 13 points ahead when he came on stage, and was six points behind when he left the court. That is to say, he experienced a 19 minute reversal in seven and a half minutes. Rivers watched those who suffered losses, but did not replace zubbats in time.

This may be because the center felt that he was not playing online. He had only five points for two out of eight shots in 32 minutes, which can’t be compared with the first game. However, in fact, the Clippers won the nuggets by five points in the 32 minutes of zubartz’s presence. Therefore, sometimes, don’t trust the data, but trust intuition. You are not the game. Another questionable employment point is the last time.

In the fourth episode, the Clippers ran after six points in 1:35 seconds in Episode 4, which was only two points short. In order to make the outside line have more projection points, the barber sent them during the attack. Reed’s decision made the Clippers pay the price of at least one fight. Luwei covered Liang Nader outside the three-point line.

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NBA by watching the game successfully

I think it’s good, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s the back of the back, even if it’s copied, right? You just have to understand it. We’ll see the victory or defeat, right? Another person says how the warriors win. Right, you need to know how he wins. He won’t have to know because he must have won in obedience, right? He’s winning 11 games in a row. He is sure to win him. His winning rate is 80% 70% 70%. I win eight games in ten games. How can you guess you all? I’m the next one. I don’t know. I won’t guess the last one in the next one. I’ll guess after she loses, I’ll just win one in five games. It’s too simple for him to win.

To how he won, right? He now plays what kind of team can, beat, what kind of him, the ball can be dragged with him, even if you can’t win in the end, you need to know which teams can drag her to the end. This is also a way for you to learn from the NBA by watching the game successfully. Do you understand? Don’t focus on this kind of energy. These are all bullshit. It’s bullshit. If you want these players to trade or not, you can analyze your personal psychology and get it

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So the only chance Celtics can get Anthony Davies is to use a very attractive trading chip, Tatu, Mu and some first round after Owen’s contract is signed this summer. Because the Celtic team’s first round signing is very tempting, ah, he has a lot of high number of draft rights, so for the team, I think it is almost the most wanted and most willing to see this thing, but all these things should be based on one point, that is, Kerry Owen and Celtic. If the Celtic team can’t cut Owen, Owen will stay in the Celtic team, pelicans will bully Anthony Davis and trade to Celtic team. Celtic played for two years and one year. Antony Davis still has to leave. Is that because of Carey Owen.

Because of Anthony Davis, he needs to go to a team that can compete for the championship. Michael Owen left the Celtic team and the Celtic team had no ability to compete for the championship. In other words, Anthony Davis took a group of young players to play, ah, meaningless. I’m in a hurry now, and I’m eager to drag this matter to the end of this summer. After Kerry Owen’s contract has been signed, this, this, almost Anthony Davis’s deal, this is not what your skin says.

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One eye now! A waiting superstar!

In order to get the first-hand information, many things were not explained clearly, and some important information was not verified. Let’s make a supplement. Oh, we tweeted and looked at it. I think that the first-hand information and speech, then the deal between lone ranger and yonix has been settled, and all the information has been, er, public. All the information has been made public, so these people are involved. If I don’t read much at 7788, it’s mainly bolzinghis, plus xiaoha’s, ah, the toxicity is relatively smooth, so it’s very important to create a special transaction case of $16.9 million. We, with an appointment, can clear up space for the Knicks and sign a free agent next summer.

Owen’s Jimi Butler, Harnett Nader, can be chased, ah, basically that means, ah, and the important information is that from the first round to two first round signings, the two bracelets provided by Lone Ranger are all about his personal first round in 2021 and 2023. As soon as we arrive, the top ten protection. Ah, the media mentioned two first round signings without saying anything. Maybe the situation at that time is not clear. Now let’s report it accurately. Now, domestic owners, the streaming media website may not have been updated, so we’ll cut in on Anthony Davis. One to ten digits is protection. So if it is really, in this case, ah, it is basically like this, ah, 99.9% of the situation, then we will balance the transaction rating as grade B, poor, each taking his own notes, so the hungry Lone Ranger team has got timely combat effectiveness. Ah, New York, Nick vacated the salary space, plus the three first round signings, I thought it was a bit terrible. Ah, the Mavericks were really so stupid. After such a long time of white play this year, it can’t be said that brandy is not strong enough. This can be the signing this year.

If it is very high, it will be sent directly, right

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Hollerdify? I don’t think so!

About the Spurs, talk about Popovich. Well, some netizens left us a message. I think we should respect Popovich. Respect, but, Popovich, ah, there are some things that need to be discussed. It is true that, er, there are good sides, there are bad sides, and there is a bad side. Ah, to sum up, anyway, it is almost retired, so don’t worry about these things. Um, sometimes. Oh, it’s the same with players and stars. After retirement, there are a lot of things, such as smoothing, forgetting or releasing. I won my victory in the early years regardless of everything. This is the fact, the white tender and Duncan.

It’s just, profit, attack at that time, right? Send it out, Stoudemire plus chili bell and this, who is the emperor in the report, who caused the sun? Er, as for the gas. I’m still the sun. I don’t want to argue about the strong. There’s nothing to argue about, including the subsequent slash, chop Huo, chop Jordan, and so on. That’s all in my mind. This coach, to me, is a word. Evil is very good at martial arts, but it’s very good. Evil, evil will win, by all means, without machines, including in those years, the Clippers played the playoffs until they were snatched seven. Jordan was addicted to it. A game played for more than five hours. I remember the correct words. From the morning, nine o’clock to two o’clock in the afternoon, the game has not been finished. Ah, yes, it’s smashed. Ah, it’s very bad to watch. You can chop and hit a few balls when you play a few balls

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