Basketball became Byrd’s only hobby. He was very hard-working

Hello, everyone. Today we will talk about Larry Bird. Bird lived a very hard life when he was a child. He was born in the lunar calendar. In a remote and poverty-stricken village in Yangda Prefecture, it was very difficult to get even the most basic food and clothing problems due to the family situation that they were unable to make ends meet. At that time, bird was afraid of meeting strangers, and he was very autistic.

His wife was called by other children to play basketball when he was wandering. Before that, bird had only touched basketball in school twice. He threw the first ball and scored the second one that day. It seems that as long as a ball is thrown into the basket from his hands, it will be in. His friends are shocked and boast how much they have won. From that moment, bird fell in love with this feeling after this time.

Basketball became Byrd’s only hobby. He could bear hardships very much. He practiced every day and night all day. Bird’s playing skills were getting better and better. He gradually made some fame. Just like this, he was a seed in his young heart. Deep buried down, he was thinking that I want to play as well as possible.

To irrigate this seed is to win the tenacious character and the determination of fearless difficulties. After graduating from high school, Byrd joined Indiana University with exquisite ball skills. But bird dropped out of school only within a month. Her personality was too introverted. She didn’t want to talk to people noisily. The school made him feel indifferent. There was another one in this period.

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