At the end of the paragraph, he can look back

At the end of the day, he can look back at the numbers and records he has made over the past 20 years, declaring that he has a place on the list of the greatest basketball players. In 2015, Kobe surpassed Michael Jordan and made a breakthrough in the scoring list of history.

Behind the scenes in the third episode, with Jabbar and Karl Malone, more importantly, she was 18 years old, 18-time all star, won two Olympic gold medals and led the Lakers to five championships, even in Cleveland.

That night, the fledgling Kobe said that he didn’t know how to get to the top, but there was an answer that was extremely positive, that is, in any case, he would climb up at all costs, and the process would be indefatigable and endless.

Day after day, year after year, until the day when she was able to beat everyone in person, Kobe had played for a team for 20 years. Such a career made this cold, strong, intelligent and confident guy into the field of professional basketball in the United States.

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