Analysis of female oil painting

The way of self narration in art is the most often used by female artists. It is an art form with strong personal color, a construction of women’s inner world, and a way of self-identity that women often adopt. Xia Junna, who stepped on the painting scene in 1995, is quite potential and remarkable. Her paintings are full of youth and romance, passion and innocence.

From the perspective of picture effect, she deliberately ignored the more rational rule in the tradition, and freely used the points, lines and surfaces from the perspective of women’s sensibility. She arranged the size of the color block shape and the structure of black, white and gray, and abandoned the conventional three-dimensional space processing. This kind of “chaos” in order, on the contrary, makes Xia Junna’s painting reflect a very feminine strange and mysterious brilliance. The painter Yu Hong’s “witness growth” series is a growth record based on her personal album, which shows us her and her daughter’s growth experience. It mainly shows the historical traces of the protagonist’s self growth and individual appearance evolution in a special era, and reflects the historical changes of the country and the era by personal growth. The subject matter of female painter Shen Ling’s paintings is her family and the familiar life around her, most of which are the portraits of her husband and wife. With strong expressionist painting style, the painting forms its own unique expression way: free and loose, bold and heroic strokes; exaggerated modeling, gorgeous colors and jumping colors, which participate in the noisy situation together. Let us feel the painter’s full passion and strong personality, showing the female artists in the new era different from the past feminine characteristics of female painting, so that their painting works in the new “context” has a new connotation and new charm.