Although they can strengthen the attack

Add center Baines, add hofford, add one more, Tatu, it passed, it should be his reading, not his colleague LeBron, ah, this lineup, ah, was defeated by Celtic team, ah, was defeated by a raptor team, ah, continuously opened the score, and then changed, and the Raptors made this mistake in the end, that is, Lori and.

Er, this is a fatal mistake. We have always said that double guards are actually double point guards. The biggest disadvantage of double guards is defense. Although they can strengthen the attack, the biggest disadvantage is defense.

At this time, ah, it’s a double-edged sword. If you use it, it’s at the end of gambling. Generally speaking, for these two teams, er, when the personnel structure is very reasonable, they usually don’t do such tricks. But, contradiction, overall, it’s still very good. In fact, at the last moment, er, Celtic chased back against a wave of attack, entered extra time, and then opened the score. Er, you can pay attention to the young player of Wang Wang team. We always say that Xi’a kamun is better than Xi’a kamun.

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