After reading “super advertiser’s creative experience”

After reading super advertiser’s creative experience (1): listen to me carefully

  1. There are at least three levels of innovation: theory, experience and tools. Tools can be used to solve specific problems; experience can be used to solve similar problems; theory is the basis for finding the first two.
  2. The cultivation of planning is no more than three stages: from vague to concrete, from concrete to abstract, from abstract to concrete, one level to the next. Guided by the problems that need to be solved finally, the charm of a planning expert lies in the simplification of complexity, the elimination of Wu and the preservation of truth, the manipulation of different positions, the rise and fall of a knife, the folding of branches into swords, and the capture.
  3. Brand planning is a process of science and art, so we must lay a scientific foundation related to the market with ingenuity, and at the same time, we must continue to consciously develop our own artistic thinking and consciousness.

A favorite book.

After reading “super advertiser’s creative experience” (2): Super advertiser

In this era of information explosion, young people, especially us in a busy city, are surrounded by countless interference sources every moment of the day. I want to learn more, want to progress, want to stand higher and have more wisdom so that I can reduce the suffering caused by work. In the past two years, I have followed wechat big V / small secret circle / learning app and other channels to improve myself, but inevitably because fragmented learning often fails to see results, I often repeatedly ask myself if I have made progress? Have I fallen behind my peers or even younger···