A fish belly team, Caspian University in that year’s NBA

One of the best teams in the University League leagues was in the NBA that year. The first opponent in the league is Duke University led by coach K. This is definitely an opportunity worth looking forward to. Finally, on that day, Caspian University will launch a fierce fight with Duke University, and the game will be like this.

Look at his opponent Mike so constantly break through the score, constantly under the siege, find the opportunity to pass the ball to his teammates, he finally hit the key three-point ball, mcclam cut, the highest in the game, 30 points, only sit, rivers, cescurie sword point champion Duke University is convinced.

Under his crazy performance, the University of Caspian ushered in their first NBA game in 74 years, and also achieved the sixth black 15 miracle in NBA history. The pursuit of victory was for me, for our team and for our whole family.

And patriot division means conflict. This game can be called 30 points, said Michael of Linhai University Sports Engineering. We want Hamilton’s team to defend our family and win in today’s game. We did it tonight, as Linhai’s two time best player winner.

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