A championship in the past few years of the Lakers

As for this kind of explanation, I personally think that, as we talked about curry fans earlier, curry fans may be a little dissatisfied, right? We also criticized jamesha in this program. Of course, we can’t say criticism. It’s obvious that he is the naked schemer and careerist, right?

We never have. Say, we must praise who, not black at all, not black at all, criticize that there is no comment on this kind of words. I personally think that, er, I use it according to my standards. If you are not satisfied with it or feel uncomfortable after listening to it. Fan, please forgive me, because we can’t ignore everyone’s interests.

Well, this is a content program. James is an ambitious man. He must want to win a championship in the past few years of the Lakers. It’s very important if James can win the championship in the Lakers. Won, ah, this historical position, ah, can you step forward? You are in three teams, ah, the heat, the Cavaliers and the Lakers are the same team leader. Don’t say that there are three family slaves or something like that. There’s no kidney, cherry. There’s no kidney.

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