I’ve heard a lot of fans say that James has made old mistakes again. The key is when

I won the championship, but now if we look back to you two and see if James’s treatment of that ball at that time was reasonable, and if we should choose to deal with the ball in that way when deciding the final attack of the championship, I don’t think there is any problem at this time, because James was basically on the offensive end in the fourth quarter of this game.

At the last moment, the heat knew James would get the ball and he would be the main attack. When James broke into the penalty area, there were nearly four players defending him. So if he forced his hand at this time, I think his percentage of hits is high.

This will not be very high. In addition, James, I have heard many fans say that James has made old mistakes again. The key point is that he is unwilling to shoot or hand, and always passes the ball to his teammates. However, this is the characteristic of James. His focus lies in his ability to drive the team to attack and drive his teammates. He is not a good player.

The so-called killer, assassin, he is not Jordan, not Kobe, so at this moment in the face of four players, there should be two or at least two positions on the field, which is the point guard, so the ball passed to Zhang Tielin. As you just said, he has no one in Fengyun 50, and he has a long time to prepare.

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About James and Jordan, who is the first person in history

In addition to Rondo and Howard, many other players on this team say that the championship trophy is a highlight moment of their career, including the time when the Lakers entered the championship, McKee sent a, silver crown? Shoot it, the letter D Greek flag asked McKee to say this, you all have to say this.

I know monster. It’s the first letter to win the championship. The monster of Costa is very funny. And speaking of this, I remember that before the end of the game, the commentary said that Smith had undressed. It seems that the happiest person in the whole process of the celebration is like this, especially Smith.

In this, Adam Xiaohua said, no one touched the award when he fainted to win the championship and award the cup. Every year Xiaohua didn’t touch the Laker, and no player touched it. What’s the meaning of this? First, he went up to lift the cup. Ha ha ha, I’m familiar with this cup. I think I have to mention so many other role players of the Laker.

For James, who won the championship for the fourth time in his career and won the four finals MVP in three different teams, it is also very weighty, which can be said to be epoch-making. In fact, who is the first person in history between James and Jordan.

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