He is definitely not a pure state. After all, he has chips in his hand

There is no need for a coach to lead the team, so he is definitely not a pure state. After all, he has chips in his hand, and his chips are not Paul, not this Westbrook, he is a solid and can exchange good assets. Therefore, I think if the team is fine tuned, it is still competitive or needs a dress. The coach who brings you just mentioned is me.

Why? I don’t like it. The last point is that rivers is actually a famous all-around coach in the league. He said that I am not only the head coach of basketball, but also served as the head coach of Celtic and Clippers before. In addition, the dual role of general manager is that no matter what I cultivate players.

The team’s tactics, as well as the selection and employment of people have an absolute right to speak. In fact, I think such a role is more suitable for him. It is also a more comfortable role for him. And more importantly, I am not optimistic about brand, the general manager. If the 76ers can really do it.

I think I can play this point a little higher, so Brandt has recruited a person who will give his old nest to him? Because I said that I have a lot of fans around me. They were very happy when coach Brown stepped down. In fact, they were zero to four times.

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I think the Knicks have been in the NBA for many years, that’s what you mean

So, last season’s Knicks can be said to play, very stable, also very in line with everyone’s expectations. Well, the final regular season is the 12th in the East. So you think the goal of the Knicks next season or how about last season’s goal should be to be able to steadily improve. I think their goal should be the 11th in the East.

Seriously, I think it’s too extravagant for the Knicks to talk about ranking. Their goal for next season is to end the chaos and establish the system and core of the team. This is a great thing for them. I agree with that.

Also because I have written a very detailed target for the Knicks in every team here, I really thought for a long time, and finally I asked a question mark. I don’t know what his goal is. I think the Knicks Knights have been one for many years in the NBA. What you said is that it may be a bit harsh to muddle along, but I think he is a process of looking for himself in the league The one in this position.

Although Knicks, the philosophy Museum in dragon lantern, may not be able to enter the playoffs next season, ah, he can find the idea of a fleet, find such a style of a fleet, and even simply say that finding the core of a future fleet is a success. So, how do you think sibodu signed this contract.

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