Things are looking a little dark over at KillMoreZombies. You guys okay out there?

While they get things ready to survive the Zombie Apocalypse (it could happen), let’s talk about where you were when you first thought zombies were cool.

Were you reading Jane Austen, when suddenly, zombies attacted? Thinking about the most awesome Michael Jackson video of all time, because it featured über-gentleman, Vincent Price? Or (admit it) were you watching the Weather Channel?

For this zombie lover, Sean of the Dead is about the best rom zom com out there…which is how we first fell in love with the undead.

If you need the ZOMBIES iron on transfers, welcome to

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Iron On Transfers


Breast Cancer Awareness RibbonRibbons of all colors have become international symbols for diseases, disabilities, public health, or other issues. Usually these ribbons are looped and pinned to a shirt or somewhere they’re easily seen. By wearing a ribbon, regardless of the color, you are bringing awareness to a nationally recognized cause. There are over twenty five ribbon colors that all symbolize different causes or issues.

The ribbon can be represented in more ways than one. For example, in iron on sticker form or photos of the ribbon can be just as effective as the physical ribbon. All ribbon colors symbolizing any cause you wish to support are available on Here you’ll find a custom text tool that allows you to enter your own words underneath the ribbon color of a disease or cause that may be affecting you and your loved ones. This option makes it possible for you to further customize the sticker to whom the disease may be affecting and possibly enter a phrase that is special to them in particular. Stickers help you raise awareness and by putting it on your car or wherever you please, you’re letting the whole world know you’re a supporter and a messenger of the disease.

October is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer awareness month. By being the leading cancer amongst women in the United States, there are numerous people affected both directly and indirectly that need support. Help spread the word with a pink ribbon car decal either customized or not. You can buy just one for yourself, or thousands for an event or fundraiser. Everyone will love these stickers because they’re meaningful and represent a cancer that so many women are fighting off today. The ribbon page has a large selection to ensure that you find the exact type of breast cancer awareness ribbon you’re looking for! Order yours today and join the fight against breast cancer.

Express Yourself through Custom T-shirts Iron On Designs

T-shirts Iron On Designs

Want to express yourself? Undoubtedly t-shirts with personalized iron on designs are the most popular and direct way. It will provide you a statement and let others hear your inner voice.

Iron on transfer T-shirts is nothing but about just wearing, as it will definitely be a source of recreation and almost anything can be given on a t-shirt to put it on. For example, you can put your own pictures or beloved ones on clothing with iron on designs. In addition, would you like to fix a bright heart or a green leaf on your shirts? Or a colorful rainbow pattern with beautiful butterflies? They all can appear on your T-shirts. Different types of funny text or famous phrases are also popular, as they convey your ideas explicitly. Whatever you want as a design, adding custom iron on designs to your T shirts can be a way to show off your personality.

Besides, T-shirt with iron on designs also make nice and great gifts. As Christmas and Valentine’s Day are approaching, you are expected to give creative gifts to surprise your pals and beloved one. You can see many young couples wearing couples T-shirts which are fixed with valentine iron ons. T-shirts with meaningful iron on transfers will not only impress others but also let them feel your heartfelt caring! Nowadays, custom T-shirts come in various rhinestone designs which meet all kinds of themes. Suppliers, like CSTOWN, stock a wide range of iron on transfers as well as provide custom service to meet your specific requirements. Therefore, you can get all your ideas conveyed on the T-shirts. If you want to save time, just send them your ideas or pictures as the prototype.

In conclusion, with bright colors and enormous motifs, T-shirts rhinestone designs will add additional charm and glamour to your appearance. What’s more, customizing your own T-shirts offers you an economical way to express yourself. Let’s get fashionable right now! Click to start the customization of your own design!

“We’re All Mad Here” Iron On Transfers for Tank Tops & T-Shirts from IRON ON STICKER

DIY TRANSFERS is very excited to share our new We’re All Mad Here Tank Tops. We have added John Tenniel’s version of the grinning Cheshire Cat to our abundant art collection so designing can be completely up to you! DIY TRANSFERS’s easy to use design center allows the user to take any idea and put it on a shirt.

we are all here iron on transfers

DIY TRANSFERS is also designing iron on transfers for t-shirts and tank tops with concepts from various classic literature such as Wizard of Oz, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Shakespeare. This is all possible due to the creative materials being available in the public domain meaning it is no longer protected by intellectual property laws. This is great news for inspiring designers and artists! Opening materials to the public domain allows individuals to innovate and spread their interpretations among new generations. Not to mention that it keeps all materials new and relevant even if it was written 100 years ago. Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to allow everything into the public domain after a period of time, now does it?

we are all here iron on transfersv2

We owe a lot to the public domain by allowing us to experiment and express our creativity in different forms of interpretation. The public domain is not only beneficial for artists but for writers and teachers alike and chances are you have enjoyed what the public domain has to offer at some point in your life. So why not build upon some of the greatest findings and stories of all time? Start using those creative juices and start designing iron on transfers!