All star lineup debut

As for the final result of the all star vote, it may come later. In the end, how was the selection, ah, how were the votes obtained? But now that the starting lineup has come out, there is no dispute. Ah, the result may be controversial. That is, the head is definitely not controversial. Well, first of all, the eastern and Eastern all star starts are led by the letter and Kun mo. the letter, Kun Bo leads the NBA, desia, Kam Walker and, toria western all, the star ah is the least suspense, ah, early has set the tone of James.

Lead, Anthony Davies, Leonard, add things, ha ha ha ha, say a few heads, ten heads, well, we said before, you will see a lot of East and west this year, whether or not to talk about the East all star. Fresh, head, right, right? Yeah, one. I remember last year’s words, enbid, with this letter and Kun Bo, it seems that passers-by is also in the starting line. We changed to two new heads, one is special, itchy, on the wall, written with combe. There may be a lot of changes in the eastern reserve. I’m confident that a lot of fresh people will join in. Just don’t make too big an accident. Because, um, many players have gone to the West. Ah, with Owen and Durant’s business circle, there are many vacant positions. Yes, this starting, the starting of the East and the West. Let’s talk about my personal opinion It’s interesting. Ah, it’s really interesting. As the same generation, ah, especially, itching is going to go to the East and the West. In the next year, he was selected as an all star in the East and the West.

I believe this is very rare in history. I don’t know if there is any statistics. There are media experts who can make statistics on whether they can send it or go shopping and ask us to have a look at it. In the next year, they will be selected for the first round of both the East and the West.